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  1. Oh, I meant competitive, So can I get back my 35k malicious backstabbing? I mean it's less than 40k.
  2. I feel like they were not even using effective gear for the virtuoso demonstration. 40-50k off some basic and not efficient build. Imma crank it to about 150k lol. I can get about 100k from lich, and yeah we are asking to tone that down
  3. I would boost all auto attacks back up by about 50% including condi damage ones (all) for all classes. Don't really see the need for them to be so low. Standing still should rarely be the standard defensive option. I expect players to constantly be kiting, juking, doing jump puzzles, utilizing objects to los ranged, burning through dodges, and using more defensive uts.0
  4. PvP is not a team game, it is a group game. In my opinion. And this article is how I am defining it... https://medium.com/topl-blog/a-group-is-not-a-team-cebc9d9f8ad2 (with the exception of ATs, especially the top groups of MATs, and maybe the guild groups in unranked (rare, rare, and more rare))
  5. When we ask for buffs and ways to handle the necros, they say no. When we ask to nerf the necros to the level of everyone else, they say no. A self sufficient necro that supports, wrecks boons, and does more than respectable damage while sutting down melee most of the time and also shutting down ranged 33% of the time....wtf is this ? Like for real...... The MATs are not an anecdote.... Why is it got to take so long? Sad thing is, people are actually wanting FB to come back, and I am scared that Anet is actually going to do it, and we
  6. quite easy to balance. just give everyone the thief downstate or better the rev downstate also health is the same for all when down, 11k
  7. Downstate should be equal, the same health and skillbar regardless of class. As it is now, it is unfair, and also a crutch.
  8. Please don't skip these nerfs on thief, I am tired of hearing about them.
  9. How many other changes you think would be needed to make a no-crit game work?
  10. No downstate stronghold mini season.... Sounds good.
  11. Bad balance forever because they always have to consider this element. Simplify equations. GW2 has a good/great combat system ruined by a crutch. You can recall a fight, competitive game worth dookie that has something like this?
  12. Thief, cause I main thief. Smoke screen. I think the duration could use a shave, and the blind pulse should be bumped up to 2 secs interval. Sneak attack should be busted down to 20% chance finisher in competitive modes. Remove the Free Spider Venom from leeching venoms, change it to reduce venom recharge by 20%. keep the leech? (there needs to be a division between offensive and defensive traits) Repeater needs to be a one time cast for only a flip, in competitive. (personally, I would like to ask that death blossom also recieve a new flip skill
  13. I guess no one ever told you that the proper thing to do when pointing out problems is by providing potential solutions. I already did it for you, so you can move on if you want.
  14. I would suggest, and it is not an all inclusive list: Buff the guards to be champions but with double health, and players can heal or support their own guards. Give the skritt much much higher health and armor, but the guards can still one-shot them. Give the tengu higher health, armor and damage, and let them do double damage and attack speed to players. Increase the depth of the gates so that aoe can not reach through to the other side. Increase the lords health and damage so that it is practically impossible to solo. Ad
  15. Well, how about a discussion on how it could be fixed. Nothing else to do but flame necros.
  16. If you say no, can you explain why 2 weeks of Stronghold ranked couldn't possibly be a good thing? I think just by being something different that you don't normally do can just lightly refresh the game. Or, maybe it will be like eating a food your mom always made you eat as a kid, and you will remember why you hate it.
  17. The only fundamental aspect of down state in gw2, is that it is fundamentally a problem with why SPvP and competitive modes suck in general. Yeah, yeah I'll go play another game...
  18. Bruh, link the build. Show the clips. I'm not a believer, make me a believer.
  19. Some core things are busted. I also believe that smoke screen is quite busted (thief skill).
  20. Yes Morty hates thieves. Their main was at least once, Mesmer(all forms)
  21. Can you link some videos of yourself doing this? I kearn better visually, text is too hard to follow though
  22. Yep. Mesmer will be the uber toober broke after class. First silhouette...lmao...gon a have the most development time. Probably giving war pistols and thief a warhorn xd
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