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What happened to this event?

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@"Haleydawn.3764" said:The map in your screen shot is Verdant Brink, not Brisbane Wildlands.Shiny Baubles are a map reward, these rotate between the HoT maps, core Tyria maps have a regular changing map reward system as well. They are awarded for event completion and other map activities. Not killing enemies.


1º) About map you are right, is in Verdant sorry2º) I know you can get them from map reward, but i have to desagree about not getting them from killing enemies, since i did that event for like 4 or 5 days last week, and you could get around 40 Shinny Bubbles before it ends. Now i came back from vacations and they are not giving them anymore, so i would like to know if this was nerf or is it something that happens just random days

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