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Legend abilities discussion.


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Since we know that there's no chance to get more abilities via legend, developers need to focus more on flexibility of skills that we already have. Looking thru the years we see that they try to make them more situational than spammable. Quick examples: phase traversal- since realese was just low energy spammable shadow step, now it costs much more but we get quickness and unblockable impact. Same thing is with Vengeful Hammers: healing, damage reduction...Considering these actions we need focus on each abbilities, and think how we can improve/change them to be more useful, not only in one game mode like pvp.

Heres my proposition of changes ;)

Shiro:There is not much to do this, legend is by far the best in the game but I have some ideas : )Impossible odds - add 25% action speed (half of a quickness), its not a boon so it cant be removed, they can even back energy to 10 from 8.At last update they added a delayed strikes to it but since quickness was transferd to PT we feel lack of fast situational strikes (RIP hammer/shiro).Jade Winds - add 2/1 boons removal on impact.this one can be very intresting since its massive cc but u lost most of your energy. In practice we use this really rare, with this addition we have another reason to cast it.

Mallyx:The problem with mallyx is that the skills do only one thing and nothing more, the exepction is Unyielding Anguish.Pain Absorption - increase cast to 3/4s, add a 1s block duration during a cast (similar to guardians Shelter heal skill)In recent dev post they propose the energy reduction, but I really hate this idea (I dont wanna another 20 energy PT spam) lets be honest this skill sucks in almost all game types (exept small usage in pvp), resistance nowdays can be easly removed and u hurt yourself with condisions. This skill is garbade compare to Riposting Shadows and IMO thats the main reason why Shiro is much better than Mallyx - Pain Absorption << Riposting Shadows. Block should bring a lot of sustain to mallyx that it really needs against gank up scenario.Banish Enchantment - after successful removal add a second skill that pulls you to your enemy similar to Elementalists Magnetic Leap effect. Add 5s cd.Another usless skill, devs want to increase a number of boons removed but this can change nothing or make it even worse since its no cd, low energy spammable skill. This change make it more PT like, but with yours own identity. On Mallyx M/A you want to be close to your target most of a time, with PA block now u can be more aggresive and dont be punished that much.Unyielding Anguish - this skill is really powerfull can be busted with traits, combo field, aoe damage, quick combat engade skill. I love it, nothing creative from my side to this. This skill carries hole legend.

Jalis:The big change here is Forced Engagement.

Forced Engagement - 30 energy cost, 5s cd, this skill now sends a projectile like previous but now in addition when it hits u are connect with your enemy - whenever you recieve damge from your foe u are healed for small amount (200 per strike?) add 1/4s heal cd per strike. increas the projectile to (..) (well why can this be as fast as Dragon Hunter F1? really devs its so slow and never hits). Its my crazy proposal that u provoke bringing the concept of 20s cd, 10energy chanage, wich is inconsistent to Revenant hole consept.Soothing Stone - reduce the cast from 1 to 3/4s.They want to increase the number of condis removed but it change nothing when it never happends to finish the cast. Today with that amount of slow its nearly impossible.Rite of the Great Dwarf - add 50% condi damage reduction without trait.I dont really understant why I have to trait this skill to get another half of funcionality. Before the HoT big traits update, they said a lot about limit trait/skill must have interactions, dont make this mistake tiwce!

Kalla:With only pve viable renegade we must ask yourself do we want to push it into another game types. But looks like devs trying to make it happen... (ridiculous energy cost reduction). I want to share my thoughts how I can improve this at least to be more useful in pvp.

My proposal - each legend now gain access to new instant skill on use before you can summon a spirit (similar to herald upkeep skills). After this u can summon a warband companion like before.The main idea is that summoning, supporting us spirit is not always that necessary, sometimes we just want to stunbreak or deny a enemy attack. Summonig a spirit is slow and heavy impactful way to get an advantage on battlefield. Thats how heralds upkeep skills work, sometime we just want to get fury boon not use the hole skill, or get swiftness not using Elemental Blast on top of it.One more question is whats about energy cost? Well I want solve it still similar to herald abilities. First instant skill cost the energy and than u gain and acces to summonig wich is free.You gain 5s window to cast it after it goes to full recharde. This changes will not affect much pve side, what's we want to achieve.

Breakrazor's Bastion - remove 2 conditions from yourself and gain 2s of protection.Razorclaw's Rage - Your next 4 attacks inflict bleeding (similars to rangers Sharpening Stone)Icerazor's Ire - Chill and blind your foes for 3s, 240 radius (now we can chill them with no regrets about balance! ;) )Darkrazor's Daring - break out of stun and daze nearby foes for 1/2s 240 radius (weaker wersion of Glyph of Equality)Elite skills is more problematic becuse its upkeep skill with no significent cd.Soulcleave's Summit - steal small amount of health from nearby enemies and regain endurance, 100/100 steal damage/heal 240 radius, 5 endurance for each struck foe, number of targets 5.I'm not only sure what to do with energy cost... maybe 30energy is too much for short daze and stun break (Darkrazor's Daring), when u know u never use second part but only need stunbreak and daze to deny an attack. Maybe cost will change then? 20e first 15e second one? Pls tell me what you thing about this.

And... thats it whoof that take me longer than I thought.For the end I want to mark that the numbers, cast times etc. are my propositions I dont have access to the game like developers have to polish the damage count cd/ cast time...But I added them to bring simply overall picture how it would look like.Hope u like my ideas. And Im so curious what you guys think about direction Rev should go, do we really need more abilities?Have fun playing rev! ;)

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the cast times on kalla are a large issue - actually using them in a fight can be a pain when enemies are in your face.

I like your kalla also, but I would make a couple modifications.I would move the endurance gain from Soulcleave to Darkrazor.
Then add an anti-condition application to Soulcleave. Since it is 10 energy degen you would run out of energy at some point. This means enemies can't just condi down soulcleave, they would have to charge in and do physical damage. So conditions can't be applied in the radius of soulcleaves location.

on a side note: I still believe glint should be glyphs that use the ammo system and kalla should all be mobile upkeep aoe (basically what glint is now)

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Just reading the Mallyx part made me cringe.

Emproring Misery is flat out amazing heal. If you trait it with Demonic Defiance it's hands down one of most potent heals ingame. The more condies on you, bigger the heal, and resistance pops split second before actual healing, making sure no poison will kill it off. Also unlike consume conditions it doesn't take ages to go off. 3/4s is pretty reasonable.

Pain absorption Block on skill that's spammable? Surely you jest. As heralds we enjoy massive block uptimes already.Also resistance weak? Well...have you considered maybe covering that resistance with other boons, like the kind that herald throws left and right?Also if you think rev's resistance for party (with 600 radius!!) is weak, i suggest you go to WvW and talk it up with your nearest commander.

Banish enchantment sucks? Say what? Since when does a quick cast unblockable boonstrip with confusion application and moderate energy cost suck? Not having banish enchantment vs guys like engies, eles, rangers, guards and warrs would suck. Bigtime.

Unyielding Anguish is a high cost, pulsing skillshot. Pulsing means enemy will get out of it ages before it does it's full damage. While the huge energy cost will not get refunded because enemy only ate half the damage....Need I eleborate what energy deficiency in middle of a fight means for revenant?

Embrace the Darkness - since you didn't touch on this subject, I will. It tries to be amazing, but fails hard.Torment pulses are plain weak. One stack per second on an elite is a joke. Old necro plague did better and that thing was a defensive elite.Blindness immunity is applied only to skill itself, not reve. Anything else you do will miss when you're blinded despite elite being up.Stat boost means next to nothing on a condi elite. Power builds love short term dps gains, but condi ones need a reliable, stable damage boost (like keeping might stacks up 24/7). They can't make use of window of opportunity to unload 100% to 0 damage combo in a split second, and then not worry about 0 energy or all good skills on cooldowns, cause the enemy is already dead anyway.

As it stand Embrace the Darkness is only good for triggering Diabolic Inferno and/or Demonic Defiance, then deactivating it a.s.a.p. to conserve precious energy.

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