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Fast Pass to new areas

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Can we get a fast pass to new areas without doing story? I finally got my husband to try the game again after HoT totally turned him off that he would not even do PoF until about 2 weeks ago. So I have been trying to catch him up. It's been okay he just uses a TP to friend for all the other story areas. THEN today we tried the new story to get to the new area. He DC's halfway through. Our group finishes it after lots of cussing. He goes back in to try to get through and ends up rage quitting basically saying F it my other games do not have these stupid mechanics with no Explanations and it is so F up that they have to include an auto rez. If he wanted frustration he could get that in RL. So, I have lost my playing partner again. HAve a challenge Mode for those that want the challenge, but quit with these stupid mechanics for those that just want to enjoy getting there. OH well maybe I will TP to a friend his toon and maybe he will come play with me.

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