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  1. Tues 9:30 pm Pacific and the Storm Wizard still seems to be bugged. Cannot damage his shield.
  2. The jade mech and the new turtle mounts are WAY to large. When people have them out they block to much of the what is happening. When multiple are out It is very hard to see boss mechanics. Yes even when turning modelling down lower. They are just too large.
  3. Tried to buy gems with 3 different cards and 3 different companies, all I get is the error 80808 code each time. Sad because I wanted the supply drop before time runs out. ANet needs to fix if they want money.
  4. March 2nd and Cannot buy Gems. Tried 3 different cards and tree different card companies. All I get is an Error.
  5. Putting Packed Yaks into the North East Camp will cause the yak to be stuck in the entrance of the keep FOREVER. This has been a bug since it was introduced, yet should have been a reasonable fix to do. I know it has been reported many times, but alias never fixed. It is one of a few simple fixes that would be easy to do and help gameplay. Another is that you can set up a treb on the Desert boarderland in your spawn and hit Crankshaft but the opposing teams cannot take it out. I know this has been reported too. WHY can these things not be fixed but the can fix an unbroken salvage o ma
  6. Requiring this is already driving some of the casuals away. Whatever your definition of casual is, this is mine; A casual player is one who plays mainly in the PVE world getting levels, achievements and exploring without having to have 'That build with your rotations down to achieve this much DPS' A;ready there are strike LFG's that are saying they are running dps monitor and to you have this or that. I am a casual player who also is an achievement hunter. Yes, I play a lot, but no I am not good at rotations, Builds, and Raid mechanics. YET before this I have always been able to achie
  7. Has anyone had any success with the Frozen Pass Puzzle since update? on Dec. 3 The one that starts in the tower. You open the frozen wall with the raven shrine then go up and turn the mirror then head to the 3rd mirror and before you get it turned the frozen wall closes again and it stops. YES I know you have to be ahead of the lights I have the pattern down from doing it was turning the last mirror when the first and ONLY light hit it. You could see the light still going to the frozen wall and stopping there. SO are you suppose to have a 2nd person just to open the frozen wall n
  8. Ah Thank You. It was driving me nuts.. I had no Idea I had to buy something.
  9. Okay I have finished the collection. Gotten the ascended Reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier. I equipped it on a toon. I also finished story on same Toon. I finished Sandswept Isle Map complete on same Toon. Have the Meta map Achievement and this is still not done. What is going on? All the thing says is 'acquire the Reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier'
  10. Still happening. Why does ANet give us these stupid fights in story anyways????? No explanation. no anything. Just stupid mechanics that with an auto rez. Gave up for tonight kept getting stuck in Tundra.
  11. Can we get a fast pass to new areas without doing story? I finally got my husband to try the game again after HoT totally turned him off that he would not even do PoF until about 2 weeks ago. So I have been trying to catch him up. It's been okay he just uses a TP to friend for all the other story areas. THEN today we tried the new story to get to the new area. He DC's halfway through. Our group finishes it after lots of cussing. He goes back in to try to get through and ends up rage quitting basically saying F it my other games do not have these stupid mechanics with no Explanations a
  12. My hubby just got back into the game about a month ago, then went in with us, Got DC'd then went back in solo and tried to finish the story and basically rage quit and said f it to me that he can have more fun elsewhere. That they think its fun to try to make stupid mechanics that are confusing and stupid. IF they have to include an auto rez then they know its going to be a stupid fight. I got through it and now in new area so, I'm done with it too.
  13. Is anyone else having problems with this. It is all I need and have been doing it fr 2 days now. Saw on REDDIT where someone else says they think it is bugged. I have stood all around the edge with the Illuminator double clicking away. Yes, IT is open everyone else is down fighing the Steam Ogre. Id this bugged.
  14. Now after update, tried again and all five ghost gave me disc, BUT one of the wedges took two of them, so left one spot open and no progress again. I really like the new area and story because it hearkens so much on GW1, but I waited so they could get some of the bugs fixed, but obviously not long enough.
  15. Have tried 3 times and watched YouTube videos of it, to make sure I was doing it right. Both ghost that ask questions will not give me a disc, even for a correct answer and they stay instead of going away. There are no stars on their heads anymore and if you talk to them again and answer the questions again they still will not give a disc. Zalkhem: Question is about the tired farmer. Answer is number 3. Says correct but no disc. Gundayo: question about Father and fruit. Answer is 3 again, says correct, no disc. I guess last patch broke this instance for me anyone else?
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