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Magneton Hammer


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Dear Anet:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE Put The Magneton Hammer in the game!!!!!!!!!

A lot of people are asking for it in Map chat and I know a LOT of Asura players that have been waiting forever for Inquest and Asura themed skins! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do the right thing. There are no Asuran-themed Legendaries and very very few Asuran Skins that exist. Please make this hammer and these other skins available. It doesn't have to be a gem store item but there is a huge lack of Asuran Themes weapons and a huge desire from the community. Please help us! This weapon model is the best I have ever seen and would do anything (YES LITERALLY ANYTHING) to get it.

Other weapons that would be a good addition:Inquest Mega Spanner,Inquest Tuning Rod,and the Phase Scapel

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@Rezzet.3614 said:what is this Magneton hammer you speak of?

is it Shiny ?

Very interesting area. It took me a bit to figure out how to do it since there not only a heart but also an achievement tied to it. Initially a bit frustrating but once I figured it out it was a lot of fun. (Got the heart and the achieve) It is very Shiny!!! I would love to have one.

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