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Heavy FPS drop in areas for living story season 4 and weird skill issue

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Not sure where to exactly post this.The game runs normally on high setting in every other area between 60 and 100 fps but I seem to have a problem with Domain of Istan and especially Sandswept Isles where it is between 15 and 20 fps. I tried low settings as well but it's still the same. Anyone experiencing the same?As I said everything else (Vanilla, HoT, PoF) runs perfectly between 60 and 100 on high but only these two areas from Daybreak and A Bug in the System are a problem.Then there's this other thing: I was doing bounties yesterday and I had a weird skill related issue. I couldn't seem to cast the scourge torch 5 skill no matter if I clicked it or pushed the button related to the skill. Anyone having the same issue?Rebinding didn't do anything too.

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