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  1. I noticed that sometimes it becomes quiet but then it goes back to normal after a short time. I usually had this in caves or when opening some menus.
  2. I remember this being an issue when the episode launched. Can confirm it's still not fixed. Same with the last cutscene during the one Icebrood Saga instance (forgot the name but it was after Forging Steel) where we could play as Bangar.
  3. Got a performance gain of 50 to 60 to even 70fps on max settings (I even could enable reflections and model quality to highest which was usually the ones advised to turn down for obvious reasons) and thus I have between 60 (in very dense crowded meta events) to 144 fps of which 270 was the highest (230 is the moderate highest) in a certain spot that gave me 170 fps before. However the game looks very bright (gamma has no effect) and the colors are too vibrant as well as textures being still the same washed out style and I miss the DoF effect I had before which comes from an addon. I usually
  4. Is there any solution to have DX11 and GW2Hook running together perhaps? It gave me graphical issues after enabling the DX11 beta so I disabled it for the duration of the beta. I'd like to use them both in the future because hook removes the nasty fog that usually gave me performance issues and also enhances visuals by a ton but dx11 makes everything run far better (50-60 or 70 fps gain in total which means 144 to 230 fps in total now).
  5. It's because the game is being forced into windowed fullscreen even when the settings say fullscreen. Having the same issue here
  6. I know quite unrelated but does anyone know a way to use both DX11 and GW2Hook together? As I said before it doesn't seem to work that well. I only saw something related to ReShade on here so far.
  7. Well, I've experienced a few complications there with GW2Hook so far. It really kittens with the visuals when having both enabled. Also it forces me into windowed mode even when fullscreen is selected and thus I'm locked at 60fps (I usually have to tab in and tab out to fix the fps lock that might come from the addon but since I'm forced into windowed I can't tab out correctly). Don't want to ditch hook for the beta because it removes fog which improved performance for me and also makes the game less vibrant and eye hurting. Also it took far to long to get hook working properly back then (mayb
  8. Especially during festivals, nobody puts it into the right one. The festivals category was added for a REASON so please use it. Also for example please post your Arah personal story thing in the Personal Story section. It's all so irritating af when searching for specefic events, dungeon runs or events and you constantly see them being listed incorrectly. All those features were added yet nobody uses them correctly so maybe development should have focused more on actual real content like more and actual non boring challenging raids (hope EoD strikes will be targeted to the percent of people
  9. Don't know if you can get them through wardrobe unlocks or statuettes yet but maybe they'll become available through these too later. I got one of the immortal skins from a random unlock once.
  10. What is a dragonborn map? I think you're in the wrong forums (and even ESO doesn't have that kind of map). If you mean Dragonstorm then it might be a problem with prviously logging out of the game on that character in that instance instead of exiting the instance before. Happened to me too once but I got nstantly kicked out of that map after a couple of days camping there which seems to have fixed it.
  11. For some reason this chair displaced the way male characters sit on it and pushes them a bit to the right into the chair. https://i.imgur.com/r7fBIEx.jpg (bugged example) https://i.imgur.com/h9JpZ0c.jpg (non bugged example) (still haven't figured out how to post pictures properly like in the previous forums as there's no image icon, my apologies)
  12. Tried to enter one of the other PoF maps aside from Crystal Oasis and everything got completely resetted but that was before the update. It got resetted a second time when I tried to enter the area where you can test rotations and DPS in the raid hub. Another beta character who stayed in Crystal Oasis got resetted after the update. This is really frustrating because I have to reselect all the stats again and redo all the outfits. Kinda bad you can't test the new speacialisations in raids together with your guild members to see what potentional role they could fill in the future.
  13. I took the deluxe one as I do with every expansion. Don't really need the gem bonus as I'll get them anyways at some later point when I could need them.
  14. I thought the first episode of living story season 4 would be next today like every tuesday in a week. Anything that changed in shedule? Can't find an official post about it being postponed or anything. Only that the trading post wasn't working.
  15. Thanks. Don't really roleplay so I didn't know and I rarely ever visit Divinity's Reach either. Maybe the wiki didn't show anything helpful because I copied the text from the post which has a different font.
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