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For PvP/WvW, is "Radiant Hammer" better than DH?


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@"mrauls.6519" said:Just tried out the Radiant Hammer build... It seems to be better than DH currently... The burst seems ridiculous. AM I right to think it's better in both PvP and WvW?

In wvw it's not. Dh if played right is better and still a "meta" build for solo roamers or small scale fights in wvw.

This is because in wvw the trap heal is not nerfed, f2 heal as well, and the damage of true shot and test of faith is not capped same as in spvp which is lower by a lot.

Radiant hammer is better than dh in spvp because of the oneshot potential on those squishy professions around (thief, mesmer and holo which can counter effectively, especially if caught offguard or for +1).

This is my opinion from my knowledge, someone might disagree :)

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I've played both builds in both game modes quite a bit, here's my take:

In PvP I think radiant hammer is superior. Due to the overall lower damage output of all classes, the sustain of core-guard is more than enough to let you land a killing blow on most any opponent. You also have excellent onpoint pressure. DH on the other hand does very reduced damage in pvp. There are builds that you are straight up incapable of killing in pvp (scrapper, bunker guard, druid, tempest) on DH, which is not a problem that radiant hammer has.

In WvW DH is superior. Sure radiant hammer does even more damage in WvW than in PvP but you essentially have to one-shot your opponent or they can kite and escape. Additionally, mobility is still king when it comes to roaming.

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