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Class Role Question

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So, first, I do NOT mean this as a dig, but I am just trying to figure out where the game play is currently at in GW2. In the original release they had reduced emphasis on the trinity and a lot of content seemed to be a dodge fest. Is this still the case or can you now actually play a class as a "tank?"

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You can play Tanky, but not as a "Tank" (as there are no aggro mechanics in the game).

Raids have added the closest thing, which is basically "the boss runs after the character with the highest toughness stat".

The game still has the ability to play "controller" to manipulate enemy movements thought various skills, it isn't quite the same, and it usually need 2-3 players to work together to pull off, because no single player has enough control abilities to lock a single creature. And unfortunately most of the enemies you want to use them on are immune or highly resistant (stupid break bar).

That said, most mobs in this game will just aggro on the first thing/player they see, so "tanking" can usually be as easy as telling your group to let you go in first and pull (and let them nuke aoes on top of you). Except Wolves, they never stay on target and always strays.

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