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  1. In simple terms, you say there is a bigger correlation between the type of "social" that a player is, than what type of gameplay they identify/prefer the most. If so, I'd agree with that. And honestly most of the rest you write. Making it a little hard to somehow spark up further discussion. Hmm. But I think the question "If the game would collapse if they removed PvP/WvW" is interesting. Unfortunately it's not something I'd even attempt to guess at, since I don't sit on the numbers and statistics that ANet does. I'd say the best argument I can make on that, is that it would probably cost t
  2. @subversiontwo.7501 I agree with your point that the major crowd does a bit of everything in the game, and not just pve/ow. But I also think that ANet has focused most of their resources on the PVE side likely because they judge that the players that plays a bit of everything will likely buy PVE related things or be more tempted by such. Then again, it's hard to really say if players would buy more WVW related things from the gemstore if there was any, since there hasn't really been enough to give a good idea/sample. And I still don't believe we will ever see major development o
  3. A different perspective: If it takes them 4-5 years to make Alliances, how long do you think it would take them to completely redesign the game mode ? ANet understands where they earn their money, so the chances are very low that they'd ever put more resources (money, developers, designers, teams, marketing etc) into something else, like WvW. In all likely-hood, they'd probably terminate the game mode rather than re-design it. It simply makes more sense from the perspective of money+time. So if you consider WvW to be in " maintenance mode" it makes more sense. Alliances isn't here t
  4. If I understand this correctly: If I have 2000 toughness and vitality (exactly by some miracle), and got hit by this, I'd be reduced to 1000 of each for the duration. That sounds a bit excessive, I think a 50% reduction would likely be more than enough to have a great effect and allow a burst build to kill something. Especially in combination with everything else in the game, like might and vulnerability stacks etc. (Also not a fan of reducing vitality by itself, as it makes the health number yoyo around quite a bit, especially with such big numbers). I think you could probably simpli
  5. 1vs1 wouldn't be any different. It would just be more stagnant. If Server A outnumbers B for 75% of the time of day, then that's exactly how the game will be the entire week. With 1vs1vs1 at least it can shift around somewhat. Unfortunately not enough, but the main problem there isn't the 1vs1vs1, it's players. Players are lazy and will always pick the easiest thing to do to get their "reward" (Be it loot, participation, feeling of murdering other players, gank, troll, feeling of successful teamwork, or defending a keep/tower etc). To improve this, ANet needs to make more incentive to de
  6. I wouldn't mind, with the caveat that there also is an option to completely disable it from my side, so I can see just normal warclaws. This game has way too much stupid looking skins and auras as there is that I can't disable without setting character models to "lowest" aka "off" as it is. I'm just so sick of watching most players either look like walking cyberpunk-clowns (including mounts) OR as walking potato bags because I basically turned other players off in the settings. It's to the point where I wish I could mod this game so I could go over and nuke most of the graphical assets.
  7. The +300 to all stats is very poorly thought out, both because it's static, and because of how easy it is for players to abuse outnumbered (if there ever was a motivation to do so). * Static This means that if there's 10 on the map and the enemy are 20, all those 10 gets +300 all stats. If there's 10 and 100 those 10 gets +300 stats. If there's 50 and 100, but the second server has 5 people running a separate havoc and meets 10 of the outnumbered server the 10 will have +300 stats. Outnumbered is too broad and not granular enough. If it could specify each territory that might have hel
  8. Basically: 23.06.2015 It just took me a while to understand that that was what did it. I tried to hold on and engage myself for near 2 years after HoT release, but basically played less and less WvW, and PvE wasn't enough to keep me going either, despite loving the HoT maps. Eventually 2017 right before PoF I just stopped trying to log in daily and force myself through the motions. Since then I've logged in every 1/2 months, played a little here and there. But never reliably. I really miss pre-hot 😞 And yeah, I end up dreading expansions 😛 (I was almost tempted to start playing
  9. Looking back at that video, I can't help but feel they hit bulls-eye and completely missed the planet at the same time. The combo system might have been one of the most interesting system I've seen for getting players to work together/organise/teamwork. But at the same time, most players didn't bother learning it because you had no need for it in OW Tyria. And then they for all practical effects just removed it (and more or less replaced it with having classes/elites spew out boons instead). And for all the roses he speaks about playing with each others and not next to each others. That
  10. Solution's simple. Remove Weed from every place in GW2, except wvw, and then make it the most important thing to get from fishing. Then sit back and laugh at all the salty tears of pve players screaming that WvW is the only ones that get Weed!
  11. Another useful option: Let each player disable all pets for themselves. Another missing feature in the games complete lack of ways to deal with silly bling effects.
  12. Really would like to see Siegerazer getting a facelift, update his stats and moveset a bit, so he's more dangerous, moves a bit faster in combat, to actually be a viable threat for a 5 man enemy group, and scale. And then update him back to the BL's. Heck, I'd like to see him take more than a single tower as well, but if I say that out loud, people are going to accuse me of pve.
  13. You guys are taking the word mitigation and applying a lot of different meanings to it. Depending on the context (and game) it can mean different things, and it could apply to several different things in gw2. Kami: Uses it for how it's used to mitigate damage over zergs, by how skills with 5 targets repeatedly cast on 20 man group, will be divided around on all 20 members, so each member takes on average lower damage. displayname: Uses it for the traditional mmo combat system, where you refer to the armour and skills that increases passive stats (like dodge, parry, block etc, all % based
  14. Realistic weight physics, all items and currency has a weight, and they add up. Naturally Asura can't carry as much as a Norn. Weight reduce movement speed by a % based on how much of their total weight they carry, at 100% they can't move, nor dodge.
  15. Waypoint makes you drop your currency (on the ground).
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