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  1. Well in that case the solution is obvious, remove stats from all gear. No more Cele, or any other stat sets. Now certainly nothing can be un-killable! (pft)
  2. The obvious conclusion, is that gw2 fans want another 25-02-2020 patch. Get to it ANet, give the players what they want! (And as usual, watch them complain that's not what they wanted afterwards).
  3. Several guildies was hyped about it, and are planning to have dueling nights in GH again. So looks like a positive reception so far.
  4. Just a different perspective: My server was the original bandwagon (Kaineng), a gigantic guild transferred in during the tournaments, and dragged others with them. They completely took over the server, if you wanted to put a more negative spin on it you could call it a "Hostile Takeover". And when they got to T2 and realized they couldn't fight T1 they abandoned the server and transferred elsewhere (thus leaving the server in months of Glicko hell on its way back to T8). So I personally see "servers/worlds" as revolver doors, like random pvp match-making, and not this entity to build up simply because you don't really have any control over it. Just completely unbalanced and abuse-able. Now, I do think "Community" is something different, and because of my experiences, I see it as separate from "servers/worlds". So the servers are just containers that can be used to contain multiple communities. During the Bandwagon/WarMachine days there was multiple communities on the server, like for example the "new Kaineng" with WarMachine and their follower guilds, and then "old Kaineng" with the .... couple of dozen or so old roamers. ---- Now, when people talk about "server pride" I split it into two different parts: "Community" and "Stacking abuse". I'll only talk about the Community part of it: Players playing MMO's are usually seeking communities in various ways (Exceptions exists, as always), and different players have different capabilities in terms of how much effort they can/will put into finding and joining a community. And so we have a lot of different types of communities and a lot of different definitions on what people consider to be a community. Typically the more active a person is about finding social/community in the game, they'll end up joining one or more guilds, and be very active in talking, organizing, and running with that guild. While more socially passive people might join a guild and just stay quiet and not interact that much. So the least socially active people can be happy just recognizing names in OW or WvW and feel that is a sense of community. There's not really a right or wrong way to it, people are just different. World Restructure is trying to change the "Container" that people have tried to interact with their sense of "Community" within. So when people say that organized guilds don't have a problem with WR it makes sense, because their sense of Community is already focused around the Guild Container. The major change that WR does to this, is that it makes "Community" more of an active/proactive thing, people have to organize their community. And for those people that are more socially passive that's a drastic change, and takes away what they feel is a nice and comfortable low-social effort Community. A somewhat extreme compare would be if they changed PVE OW so that you instanced all maps, so if you went to queensdale you where alone. If you wanted people, you'd have to party/squad other players to bring alone (like in GW1, just without henchmen). Suddenly, you wouldn't be able to see other people in OW, and those that doesn't feel comfortable with talking with other players or join a guild, or ask others to join would feel completely isolated from the rest of the game. They would feel that the "Community" in the game was ripped out. Alliances won't really "fix" this, it will just make it easier logistically to organize. Essentially under WR, players are going to have to re-consider/learn what they consider to be a "Community", it's too radical a change for anything else. In the end, "Community" is the players and how they interact with each others. WvW have always been a sandbox mode, where they just stick a few things in and let players try to figure it out for themselves, and this includes the social interactions, and as such players have found a lot of different ways to build their own sense of social interaction/community. If you had 10 different players try to explain "Community" as detailed as they could, you'd probably get 6+ different answers, and they likely wouldn't be able to agree with each others. There's just no way ANet can make any changes to the game mode/servers without destroying part of that, which is why they've been so reluctant about deleting or merging servers, or changing them at all. I think with WR they just decided they'd have to bite the bullet one way or another if they ever wanted to fix/change anything in the game mode. And they're hoping that players will be able to adapt again the same way we did at launch.
  5. Perspective: 5 years ago, is barely before the 25-02-2020 patch. I've been inactive longer than that... Heck I've been mostly inactive since 2017 at POF release. So yeah 5+ years of no transfer was kind of EASY 😛 That said at launch we had free transfers for a while, which I abused to transfer back and forth between EU and NA to play with different friends (PVE). Until my EU buddies ditched the game, and stuck out with NA. Ended up on Kaineng randomly because it was a free server at the time, and met my guild there. Guild transferred around a few times (mostly to hunt down friends on Kaineng...) and I've joined them a few times, and then we always ended up back on Kaineng again. Eventually got sick of transferring around and just told them to hunt me down instead. Forgot how long ago the last time I transferred was... guessing early HOT.
  6. Never been much of a zerger, so I don't really know/remember much, but from memory: * GWEN (Guardian, Warrior, Elementalist, Necromancer) Vanilla * GREN (Guardian, Revenant, Elementalist, Necromancer) HOT I think those where the first two, I kinda fell completely out by the time POF came out, so not sure when pirateship and other metas came and went. Over all, I'm just generally fan of everything before HOT.
  7. Agreed. There's probably many reasons why this appeals to players brains the way it does, but the explanation that makes the most sense to me is that players will always look at games in some manner as a puzzle. So when you have a rigid finished but balanced game, the puzzle tends to get "solved" and the players lose interest in interacting with the balancing. Where if the balance is constantly shifting and things will get better/worse, more players get invested and enjoys the hunt for finding the next broken thing etc.
  8. Regarding guild stacking (of various kinds): As long as you allow players to organise, that will happen to some extent. If you limited guilds to 5 members, they'd still do it. But at the same time if you remove the ability for players to organise you also remove most of the motivation for most players that isn't just chasing rewards. So for example, they could run a test using WR and disable the guild-grouping, and just let every player be placed randomly. I think almost every veteran player would completely hate that (I know I would, if I can't play with guildies, I'd rather not play the game. I got other games I'd rather play then.) So where to draw the line? How much is too much? Even if ANet limited guilds to max 5 for grouping with WR, players would find ways to abuse that. (For example, make tonns of alt accounts, group them up in various 5 man guilds, and then go through and find which ones got grouped with the most other 5 man groups they want to play with, and organise that way). And at that point, aren't you just rewarding the try-hards for try-harding, without giving other players effective means of fighting back? To quote a friend of mine "The problem with MMOs/Games, is the players." ... Now, to look at it from another perspective: Will there be a few try-hard guilds, stacked with 500 active players/coverage/commanders? Yes there will, no doubt. But if the tier system works as it should, and get enough time to work, they should get paired up against each others in tier1 (hopefully, eventually, that's what the tier system is there for after all). The majority of guilds on the other hand isn't really going to be like that. So how much do we sacrifice the game mode for the majority for the sake of neutering a few hardcore try-hards? As long as they have systems (that work...) to put those hardcore guilds against each others, so after 2-3 weeks they get put in tier 1 against each others, then that's fine. Not perfect, but at least not a systematic failure. I guess it's more about setting realistic expectations rather than trying to make a perfect system.
  9. Well, here's a suggestion for ANet, besides "no downstate week", add a "solo server week", toss it in 2 times a year, and let players experience it again... kitten that would be so miserable at this point...
  10. When you look at the average player in WvW, and not the hardcore/veterans, I'd completely agree with this. Which means that the most popular way to solve all this for the average majority, would be to just move EBG over to EOTM and enable mount/glider/rewards/pips. That's really it for the average player. But we also know how much all the Hardcore/Veterans would freak out/get their undies twisted every time someone even suggests the idea. ---- WvW is a game mode that has a broad appeal (sandbox), basically it offers a lot of different things/ways to play and lets players find what they enjoy and play the way they want to. Which also makes it very difficult to change, as every change will directly negatively affect someone. This has been one of the main problems with most player suggestions over the years, because 99% of them only see things from their own perspective, and doesn't understand why it would negatively impact other players (that enjoy other play-styles and things in the mode). So most of player suggestions would effectively ruin the experience for other players. And as long as WvW remains a "One shoe fits all" mode, that won't change. Which honestly means that ANet is kind of stuck and can't do much, and player suggestions will generally be more destructive than constructive. Example, say we went with a majority vote system, how long do you think you'd be able to do Mesmer pulls before they removed that. 😛 ---- Now one of the recurring topics in these discussions about servers tends to be an intangible feeling of purpose/drive/pride etc, I mostly sup it up as "Motivation". Different people have different Motivation (obviously), and it's the most common argument against WR that it would basically destroy their motivation (server community, feeling of belonging, etc). While at the same time others see WR as a Motivation to play again (getting grouped with guild members, population balance, new servers to play against). This plays right into the above point that the mode has a very broad appeal, and every change to the game will generally negatively impact some part of the player-base. Which again leads to every player-suggestion I've seen so far about population/servers etc always being very "self-centred/egoistical". Basically, I want this change, screw anyone else! Now when it comes to some minor class-balance, or the usual small changes to the game mode, some egoistical thinking won't cause a big problem. But for things that affect the player-base motivation, it can very quickly escalate and cause a lot of players leaving/abandoning the mode. And this goes both ways, some will read this and thing "Yes, exactly! That's why they should do my idea!" which would just do the exact same thing but the other way, as it would impact a lot of players with a different motivation. When it comes down to it, if ANet is going to change this (Motivation related changes), they only have two realistic options: * Leave it as it is (as it at least keeps all the current players playing) * Change to what the Majority of players prefer (and thus abandon the rest) Only ANet sits on the numbers of what the majority does/wants (despite how much a lot of players exclaim they're certain they know). If I where to guess then I'd go with my earlier point that I'd expect the "average" wvw player to be chasing only rewards and ignore everything else.
  11. This is going to be rather all over the place and ranty, sorry. ---- For the actual Original Post: I personally wouldn't care one way or another. Simply because I don't really care for PPT/PPK or server win/loss/tier, all I care about is playing with my guildies and fighting stuff. We could do that in any system really, even EotM if needed. (And I'm probably the only player in the game that has no clue what all these rewards are anyway. One of these days I gotta figure out what tickets and pips are, I just know people want them). But I can easily predict how that entire thing would turn out: * Couple of good guilds pick a server to build up. * Hordes/locus swarm of pugs transfers over to that server. * That server got so much queue's that the guilds can't even get 10 members on map. * Those guilds get fed up and transfer away to another server to play together. * Pugs get angry that only queues, no commanders, and "bad server". * Go to top and repeat. * Meanwhile this locus swarm will destroy the existing communities on whatever servers they move to. I'm about 75% sure that it would destroy the existing communities faster than the current linking system would. ---- Some other thoughts, if you take example NA with 24 servers and split them up into single servers and open transfers, then people are going to stack probably 6 servers. That means that the remaining 18 servers are going to be almost entirely empty and still have 4 maps to fill. At this point I'm pretty sure it would be even more empty than the old Tier8 was in NA before the linking system. Translation, actual dead servers, not just the buzz-word pepople use nowadays when they log on and do not find a Queue and a commander and call it "dead server", but actual dead server as in unable to even play the game-mode. I'd basically expect the "new" Tier8 to basically be a sPvP match (5vs5) on 4 gigantic maps. ---- For as much as some players hates on WR, the main thing it brings to the game-mode is being dynamic, and lets itself adjust to the total player activity (on a 2 month basis, if they keep 2 month resets). Linking in theory can adjust itself somewhat, but the bricks are too big to work efficiently. All the other server ideas/suggestions that players throw out doesn't dynamically adapt at all, and would basically require ANet to sit and delete/create servers manually constantly to keep up with shifting player numbers (pro tip, they won't). ---- Now for a suggestion on how I think you could get the original post to "work". Cut down the maps from 4 to 1 (EBG only). That might be enough that players would have to spread out if they wanted to actually play. It effectively cuts the effective max size of each server by 1/4, which means we might have enough effective population to fill maps in all single servers. To compensate, put the other maps in EOTM, and enable Mount/Glider/Rewards (possibly at a slightly lower rate) for EotM maps. Focuses those that care about server/win/ranking/ppt/ppk etc into a single map (EBG), and let's those that are just after the rewards to get them wherever they want. While also making actual 24/27 single servers be able to spread out and have enough population to actually play the server gameplay.
  12. I'm more fascinated that it's 2024 and the OP still haven't realized how ANet works, and keep making these threads every month or so.
  13. Personally I guess I don't mind/used to it. But then again I'm in a guild with a bunch of weirdos that loves to transfer around just to fight each others. So it's pretty rare the entire guild is on the same server, as 2-3 will usually swap to the opposing server so they can hunt each others down for a week.
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