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spvp more and more unplayable with high pvp lvl


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spvp matchmaking use different rules than ranked.I noticed this when my account was bronze. When I tried matches in ranked bronze, it was very easy.But at the same time, matches in unranked was still very hard.

And now, the more I play in spvp (atm lvl 414, +11k matches played), the more harder it becomes because of the same thing : my mates just get destroyed like paper most of the time.It can be still challenging when I play my main classes and spe. But When I try other things it's just unplayable and I can chain loses with score like 500 - 100. It what happens now most of the time, even with my main classes.

There are few matches from time to time where my team just explodes other team. But for most of my wins I must fight like crazy. And there are all those frequent unplayables matches.The system really thinks that I'm much better than my level and I can not play cool or do mistakes. It's very tiring and often very frustrating.

I really hope that Anet will think about it and make some changes.

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I would like an option to see my results win/lose for the last 100 games. And 100 before and so...

I'm pretty sure now that I have more than 50% loses in unranked, even If I finished plat1for 3 seasons in a row. As I said, game thinks that I'm much better than my real level and it's makes things just boring, for me and the 4 poor guys who are put with me.

And today is same day.I would thought that system will be plenty satisfied to make me lose so many times but today : in 4 matches - 3 loses / 1 win.And I'm playing at my fullest, with my main class.And the win was 519 to 52. YES very interesting too.

Thank you.

edit :Another victory 500-192 yeah. Very interesting but thank you anet god to allow me to have some free wins from time to time to not be discouraged to play pvp.

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