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Hey guys,Im new to mesmer and want to know if I should invest more in mine in terms of armor etc. (atm I am able to craft just 1 more ascended armor)Therefore I want to ask you If there is any build/armor-attributes that i can use for Fractals/Raids/WvW (zerg and or solo/minor group-roaming) and how hard it is to play this class properly.

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I dont know about wvw and pvp but i main chrono in raids and fractals. In general there is no atributes that will be best in pve and pvp.

As a mesmer you either want to play condition mirage (viper with renegade runes) as a dps. Or boon chrono.If you decide for boon chrono it will be easy to find groups because everyone want them.

For boon chrono you want to get 100% boon duration so you use sigil of concentration and minstrel/commander/harrier stats and runes with boon duration (leadership, durability....).

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