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  1. My bad. I never player wvw or pvp so i did not know about those options. I have to say I like this change because whenever I need monk runes (or for example aristocracy) i dont need to farm for 3 days but can get it at one by running multiple dungeons
  2. Before the change, you still had to tho Arah for arah chest ,(well.... exept frequenter)
  3. You only need around 75% and not 100% And you also provide quickness whike providing alacrity It is possible to go even lower with mimic, either sacrificing dps (take stm) or quickness (no woa) While it is not that great, your sratement was not correct
  4. The strategies are not wrong. It is better to skip mechanics when you can. If players dont know something it is not guides fault but theirs
  5. I dont know if it changed but during uncategorised fractal, only one player needed to get last harpies to final boss. Rest could respawn there after gg
  6. Recently, I couldnt participate in my weekly raid run and said so to my commander. He had to change the plans and strategies because without me, they couldnt do it. So at that moment, I felt essential 😄 But for me, it is enough to know, that i do my best to know my value.
  7. People were prestacking manualy. Swaping diferent weapons on ele to get might and fury was common. This removes both template swaping but also manual swaping which was here from the start
  8. I think this thought process is funny. If you remove elitists.... nothing will change for casuals since those 2 groups dont want to interact together
  9. If you ban this, people will just stop doing raids. You cancalculate dps on a golem based on the time it took you to kill it... with stopwatch. You calculate boon uptimes from recordings And your dps in a fight also from recording. You cannot ban a program that is running on your pc while gw2 is active if it doesnt interact with gw2 code. And all the information is visible on the screen So if this happens.... "elitists" will just use these methods. I think you are naive. But I never could understand players thqt think someone should play only their way. If you dont want to play with elitist.... then dont. There should be alot others like you... And if you cannot find them, then maybe most of the players interested in raids are elitists. And why should the majority play the way the minority wants
  10. If they are fun for veterans... I would say 3. 4 would be great. 2 would be bare minimum. You have to relise, that there are some veterans that can calculate rough top dps of a class just by developers hovering over skills for few seconds. New strike will probablybe compeletely figured out after 2 weeks. Also it is important to change the reward systems since, with legendary armory, the ascended gear is mostly worthless. This will actualy be very important.
  11. Actualy there is automated finder in the game.... and noone uses it. Reason is, that most players want to chose who they play with. At the star of strijes, automatic group finder was used by many. Then players relised that this will not work because avarage gw2 player doesnt comunicate, has a build from scraps and doesnt contribute to a kill. So players started to use lfg because then they could actualy chose teamates. Becsuse of more experianced players left public strikes, publick strikes started to have way less succes rates. And so the remainig players left because they were too hard. And now it is empty
  12. If you are begginer, qrapper and qb are indeed better. But there cannot be fast kill without chrono on 90% of bosses
  13. Best, and only way to solve this right now is to use ascended gear with legendary skins.
  14. Littlebit late but I relised how I am doing the filtering. I am looking at my skillbar. It is constant so no flashes. I have it at maximum size. And I do all mechanics based on sound. Never relised why big skillbar was helping me till now.
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