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  1. If you are begginer, qrapper and qb are indeed better. But there cannot be fast kill without chrono on 90% of bosses
  2. Best, and only way to solve this right now is to use ascended gear with legendary skins.
  3. Littlebit late but I relised how I am doing the filtering. I am looking at my skillbar. It is constant so no flashes. I have it at maximum size. And I do all mechanics based on sound. Never relised why big skillbar was helping me till now.
  4. From my experiance, if you are not that practised or comfident in purple gods, shortbow soulbeast will be fine.Although some squads might prefer only purple color
  5. Bit of a weird sell if you ask me. If they cannot carry should they even sell it? I have talked with raiders that were selling raids and raid achievments.Usualy they take 2-3 buyers and just do it 7 or 8 man. For some achievments (like leg. armor second part) you need to do something so there is no way around it. But that means they tell you where to stand and that is all you do. And they ask you to gg at the start if they can because it is actualy easier to do it with 7 players then with 10 while 3 dont know what to do.
  6. You, like most people in this thread, seem to miss the point of the OP, which is, in my opinion, that removing Soulbeasts's toughness and giving them the equivalent damage reduction would improve the quality of life in raids. It would avoid the /gg due to forgetting that we have a soulbeast, it would avoid miscommunications about that, and it would allow tanks to play however they want when they wish to tryhard, all that without any actual nerf to soulbeast. Where would be the harm ? I fail to understand why some people believe having two knight's trinkets instead of berserker brings "diversit
  7. So I will try to not be rude this time.In strikes, there already is some sort of matchmaking system. But it isnt working very well.1) it takes more time then using lfg2) generaly players are way worse and it takes longer time/much more fails Reason is this. Players that actualy do the content and are experianced want to play with experianced players. They want to decide who is "worthy" of their time. Thats why they take fate into their own hands instead of trusting the system.Also if you join group with some matchmaking tool, everyone might not be on the same page.So that means that players t
  8. Rune of leadership was great before diviner gear since it was hard to get high BD.Since then pack runes provide more.Also with diviner gear, it is better to run only one chrono. And with Sieze the moment you dont need BD at all.
  9. Hot is harder then rest of the game but if you have decent build you still oneshots almost everything. Only like 6 heropoints are hard to solo. Rest can be done. Again, with decent build.Bacon HP eat percentage of health. So your health doesmt matter. Its all about timing. But if you cannot do it you can have a friend give you alacrity or heals (i am not sure healing works but alac does) I know it can be tough if you come there straight from core story. But I am oneshoting 90% of mobs there with goid build. It is not unbeatable hard. Just that the diference between players is extreme. And comb
  10. Personaly I ignore chat unless discusing strategy for the fight. Random talking to strangers is not why I log in into the game.If I talk with someone then it is usualy 3rd party program. Much easier to use.
  11. I thought it was the "challenge"? or has that always been a lie? LIke maybe the raidcommunity isn't a monolith who have different reasons/motivations to raid.Who would have thought that So, it's is the rewards again, right? That much is obvious, of course. When you see it once, you know it's true everywhere and i have seen the same in every game. Not every individual, of course but mostly, yes.I play only raids. I dont use gold for anything. I have my legendary armor already. Nothing to gain from raids exept the fun.I dont play anything else here because it is not fun for me. Maybe exept strik
  12. Exactly that. If someone asks I will take time to explain. But I dont want to carry someone who doesnt try.
  13. GW2 is really not a hard game (if you're not trying to reach the top 0.1%), with a bit of explanation, most people can perform very well. I'd just wish more players would be willing to give noobs a chance to learn, and teach them. Training groups can be tedious, and Guilds can be slow to form a group. To be fair, I'm not really sure what to write anymore on this topic, especially after reading all those comments. Whilst I do think that no li should be asked for strike as they are really not that difficult, I also understand players valuing their time. However GW2 is a game, and a game is made
  14. I started raiding when I was sligjtly bellow 3k AP. AP doesnt show experiance. It only shows how much do you do achievments. I have around 5k AP now (2,5 years after starting with raids) and it stopped going higher because I maxed agent of entropy :D
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