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  1. Maybe already mentioned: 2+ (atm. 8, please go up to 10, maybe even 12) more Equipment-/Build-Templates for each character. And - if you're really wild - split PvE/WvW/PvP (PvP already split tho) templates with each gamemode has its own names for Equipment-/Build-Templates (not even in PvP existing atm.)
  2. Please let us choose to show shoulders/arms independently for different equipment templates and let us choose outfits for different equipment templates. It sucks that you have to unequip an outfit/change it to another one when swapping to a different equipment/build
  3. What team were you placed on? Silent Woods What team did you expect to be placed on? Phoenix Dawn Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? Selected the guild on 2nd of December because a guildy said I should do so. Have you shard/world transferred recently? No What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Abaddon's Mouth [DE]
  4. Tbh this Like the Idea for signets. Elite Skill decision should not only be "cc bot" Or "big lich but its only usefull for 1 of its abilities for a slightly better burst even though pReaper doesnt has a >>burst<<" And just a few Ideas from my side (may be overlapping with already meantioned Ideas) (PvE): - adjust GS AA (faster and/or more dmg) - give GS more Life Force Generation - compensate the precision losses from last patches - make a second weapon set more attractive and fun to use for a power DPS class (Axe/Wh/Focus/Staff...) Im not sure, but maybe it would be nice to revert the dmg reduction change from 50% to 33%. Could be biased opinion.
  5. Race: doesn't matter Sex: doesn't matter Profession: doesn't matter Holographic elements of the Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit flicker in DX11 rather than have their usual effect (DX9). This problem occurs in the character selection screen aswell as in the hero panel and in game. First time I saw this was like 4-6 month ago I think (maybe even with the release of the Beta DX11 but I'm not sure). For a gemstore Item this isn't acceptable at all.
  6. Name change contracts, equipment Template Expansion, build Template expansion and shared inventory space on sale please
  7. Visual bug of the Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit not having proper visual effects (the holographic parts)
  8. The command doesnt count from the begnning tho and it only records one kill per boss per week. If i understand OP correctly however, he wants KP everytime you kill a boss. It would be my suggestion, yes. The best would be an item/linkable achievement without any other purpose than showing how much times you killed a boss.As 100kp for any Boss could be 20 OR 100 kills its heavely based on RNGesus.
  9. Or this, yes. Would be better but more effort for Anet without getting more player into the game. EditN/m why would you go kill the same boss more then once a week? For practicing/joy? Some ppl enjoy raids besides getting loot and then log off. If you have like 100 Dhuum kp there would be no reason to go for another kill if you dont profit of it. But for new raiders like me it would help to be able to join groups that fit their expierence a lot faster.I dont even mentioned the RNG at getting more or less kp.
  10. That doesn't make any point on the topic wether or not the reward of a 2nd/3rd bosskill in one week should give you besides the few bags the killproof decoration. E.g. kill Dhuum 3 times in one week but only get killproof for the first time.
  11. Hey,Im fairly new to raiding and therefore I had a hard time finding groups that fit my personal "skill-level".Once a week you get the in the LFG required LI and KP which are required to confirm that you got experience on wings/bosses. As LI are needed for legendary armor I completely understand that they can't get thrown away in each single bosskill as you would farm the most easiest one for you.But killproof - the guild decoration things - don't have such a value and thats why I would suggest that you get besides the few bags after second/third/x kill the "killproof" too. I really like raiding but theres no reason atleast for me why I would do a wing more than once. Any opinions on that? :)
  12. Hey guys,I started a while ago Raids and daily CM runs with my Dragonhunter. As I enjoy the class itself very much I want to move on and learn other builds. Currently I dont have a support-role to play with which leads to longer waiting-time when I want to group up. Because of all these reasons I wanted to take a look at Firebrand as a healer. I've never played Firebrand so I'm really new to this class.I read a few forum posts and tried to find up-to-date guides but didn't find as much as I want.Besides the gameplay and rotation and all that stuff I need advices for the build itself: traits, utilities, weapons and so on. As I want to play Heal-FB in Raids too but not as a tank I'm staying with full Harrier's gear.First of all: which weapons should I use? I saw a few builds with Axe/Shield Mace/Shield or Axe/Shield Staff or Mace/Shield Staff. Is this situational or did something change recently and some pages didn't update?Next: trait-lines, virtues or radiance? Why and when?Last but not least: how does my "rotation" works? Thanks for the help :)
  13. • Customizable ingame mouse-sensetivity• Hotkey option for fixating the camera-zoomlevel• overall better customizable UI e.g. map-placement, chat placement etc. and please make it possible to transmutate Aurora (and other Future legendary trinkets)!
  14. PvE Just to clarify things: The standard precision on level 80 is 1000 which equals 5% precision.On full berserker gear you have 961 additional points of precision where every 21 points equals 1% precision. 5% + (961 : 21)% = 50,76% Righteous Instinct will give now a flat 25% precision boost whenever you have retaliation/there is symbol under the enemy. 50,76% + 25% = 75,76% Radiant power is flat 10% boost whenever you hit a burning enemy. 75,76% + 10% = 85,76% Now we come to boosts from allies/boons: Fury gives a flat 20% precision boost: 85,76% + 20% = 105,76% Druid's spotter gives 100 points for precision: 105,76% + (100 : 21) = 110,52% Banner of Discipline gives with Inspiring Battle Standard 200 points of precision: 110,52% + (200 : 21) = 120,04% Soo 120% after next tuesdays patch and 145% now.So the only thing that changed is DPS without a group. Maybe in some cases, where you don't have Fury at the start of your rotation you will notice that that there is a difference.Still would've been nice if they just decreased it to 33% and buffed the passive boost for perfect inscription by like 5-10%.Still there is barely any use for perfect inscription without heavy CC need. Nice try Anet atleast in PvE. Edit: Splitting RI in gamemodes was too exhausting right? Generally: i would wish that there is a strict split between gamemodes so nerfing a OP PvP Classic doesn't effect the Classic in PvE and vice versa. I thought they want to do this but didnt notice anything yet.
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