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Death Shroud improvement suggestions


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Life Blast: change to a faster chain attack and increase its damage.

Dark Path: change to ground targeted or fixed distance skill that phases through enemies applying conditions to enemies that you pass through; reduce its cooldown.

Doom: change to frontal cone like Wave of Fear, have it provide damage reduction buff and pulsing stability.

Life Transfer: reduces its cooldown and have it inflict poison. Increase the life force gain against enemies affected by Tainted Shackles.

Tainted Shackles: reduce its cooldown. Have it pulse cripple and torment. Have it provide life force if enemies break the tether.

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@killfil.3472 said:

@ZDragon.3046 said:change life blast to its underwater variant plague blast #2018

That's... actually a good idea... That'd make death shroud a decent hybrid spec (In the right circumstances, that is...) The AA would be able to transfer self-applied condie from corruptions with more ease! Or even other condies :D

^ Ding ding ding not to mention it would have more ranged pressure due to shooting faster. Faster shots means dhuumfire becomes more relevant with it too.Ideally core should be the power/hybrid condi spec although its still weaker than the other specs depending on who plays it. I mean i know this one guy he is a core necro god! :p lololololol

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