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  1. I think you you misunderstood what i wrote... but ok... Victimhood card???? I think its one of the worst amd there are alot of factors that play into it i dont think its the weakest thats just facts In terms of 1v1 its never been one of the top contenders and that's just how it is. Its better now BECAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE GOT A GAME WIDE NERF. Which says a lot considering it took that to make it as decent as it is at 1v1 in the present day. Even now there are classes that are by definition considered better duelist and thats JUST FACTS. If you think people who are not on the
  2. Sorry but the viability of something is also dependent upon a large majority of people playing it a a wide range of skill levels across different modes casual competitive and ranked competitive. Something that is not as viable will not be used by the majority either because its not good enough or its too difficult to be good with in the meta OR it just to difficult to be good with mechanically for their comfort/ skill level. If every class's viability was based on finding "good enough" of a player to prove its viable then its not really viable. A "good enough" player can tak
  3. So is everything else which has increased in viability in terms of the 1v1 perspective only just because its gotten better does not make it among the best in comparison to things like engi, warrior, ranger, rev, mesmer, etc etc. Like i said its still one of the worst just because you can do it does not make it one of the best for doing it. 1v1 only mainly only proves self skill and mastery with a specific class and nothing more. If you lose to something else in 1v1 it mostly means that the player playing that class or setup is better than your current skill level in the case of fighting them
  4. The point > . / / / / <Your trajectory Well of course you can 1v1 on core reaper and scourge i do it all the time but that does not change what i said. Necro is notoriously one of the worst 1v1 classes in the game in comparison to things like thief, mesmer, ranger, warrior, rev, etc there are so manything on the list above necro in terms of 1v1 viability. But you immediately zoned in on minion master as if its the only thing people play. You must understand that even in 1v1 minon ma
  5. still wondering why 1v1 even matters and why viability is based upon it from someone who claims to be plat 3+ Necro is one of the worst classes to 1v1 on even more so under core and reaper this must mean it needs buffs because it is unviable. Ranger is also very strong in 1v1 which means it must need some nerfs to tone down its viability. Knowing full well any decent player is not going to agree to what I just wrote above why why is this conversation even taking place based on 1v1 factors that don't matter. Until anet adds something that allows 1v1 play for a rank or rew
  6. So you are trolling.. got it k this conversation is over. Good day.
  7. Because the things you are saying dont make sense for someone who is plat 3+ to say. you think rangers ranged options are not better than warriors? why do you even question this? being plat 3+ you straight up know this to be fact regardless if ranger is used or not. The warrior not dying in 1v1 depends on them knowing if you are going to burst them or not if you catch them off guard they usually just die because the burst goes on for an exceptionally long time and this is even further if there is no way to LoS the ranger. To be blunt i dont care specificly
  8. This is what a META choice is lol What options? Almost every option scratch that EVERY SINGLE OPTION. Axe, short bow, Longbow are all considerably better options than warriors long bow and rifle options if you dont agree with this then we can just stop the conversation here. Because you need more competitive or perhaps even basic pvp play exp. Soulbeast is decently strong its no as broken as it use to be but it still has some pretty busted abilities and before you say "its not used in monthly AT's so its bad" that does not matter in the grand scheme of balance or rele
  9. FC i dont worry about as much because i can usually force a warrior to press it by going on the offensive. I dont need to watch for it if I can force it. Shroud allows me to do that simply entering shroud and walking into melee range will do it 75% of the time. I have to worry more about their gap closers when my shroud is down and other standard key cc skills. EVEN if you do hit FC by mistake if you have stamina you can opt to dodge the counter hit which is nice.
  10. Sorry no... Ive run against spellbreakers who didn't have that trait don't assume all spellbreakers use a a trait just because its a meta choice Even if it IS A META CHOICE what i said does not change you have a very high chance of being able to read when it will be used due to the simple fact that the warrior needs to be touching you to land it. Your analysis is too narrow But it sounds like to be based on how you wrote this out like you are having a L2P issue. As a reaper main i know the pain very much of having a spell breaker be on your rear constantly and my
  11. I have to ask have you played it? Just so you know all cc's do not proc immobe that is a trait addon for spellbreaker only If you are kiting properly you pretty much know every time the dagger 3 is going to come out Did the waarrior leap at you? Are they in melee range? If no then the dagger 3 likely wont be used If yes there is a high chance of dagger 3 being used. Almost every average warrior player will play this way and how you choose to handle that is up to you in alot of cases based on this alone you can almost always dodge it. If the warrior saves it then
  12. Anything ranged But Cpc ruins all ranged options IT NEEDS NERF Ok no... Mesmers ranged options are only about 50% projectiles and the phantasms also count as ranged options so do the shatters. Guardians ground targed symbols are ranged options other necros ground targetd options and its axe and scepter are ranged options that counter it well. Thief will always be a good counter to any necro build no matter what provided you know how to play decently If you dont want to play ranged then cc is your next best option For that thief again Warrior
  13. I mean they kind of dont you pretty much hard read a blocks activation there is no tell as almost all of them are instant activations. You hitting the person and seeing the word blocked is not a tell. A tell is an animation that comes before the effect is activated. My point is that scourge does not have it Also not really tells for this they just activate instantly in most cases especially mesmer's as it can be activated "WHILE STUNNED" Because THEY ARE STRONGER imagine an invuln lasting 10s and having a 40s cd You do understand that invulnerability means you ca
  14. Mesmer would like to have a word with you then it has 3 different skills on its Fskill bar that are all instant and can instantly flip a fight while they are stunned. by the way Why are you not asking for mesmer nerfs based on this same argument? I'll tell you way because its not the problem. Maybe you should try using a melee setup that handles scourges better? But its too much for you to deviate from what you are use too right BETTER YET what about other classes that have the ability to negate your ranged burst by like BLOCKING? or GOING INVISABLE or INVUNERABLE or oth
  15. Necro 4 ever doomed to be the damage soaking profession that is only allowed to damage soak should they ever get or use something that is not letting the enemy get free hits in then its a problem. CpC is fine at most make the cloud visual a little more vibrant or darker so its easier to spot. It does not need to be removed or nerfed mechanically. It could be something like thief's smoke ring which was considerably more oppressive with the rate it blinded players standing inside it while also destroying projectiles but cpc not even that strong. Imo scourge is not even a
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