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  1. THE OVERALL CONCEPT IS PRETTY SOLID ITS GOT A GOOD BASE FOUNDATION NECRO ACTUALLY NEEDS THESE. Necro has no power ranged weapon that can output sustained dps so the swords being power dps was a perfect fit no arguments with the choice. General Notes As a necromancer main I expected the swords to be slow as thematic with every necromancer weapon to be slower than they are on just about every other base profession however in this case i feel they are currently a bit too slow and additional some skills have too much aftercast. Skills 2,3,4,and 5 do not nicely flow between autos a lot of the times im smashing the key to force the skill to go off and the character It feels a bit clunky unlike other weapons that have had more polish. To be clear i know numbers will be adjusted and this was a beta but i feel that numbers will actually be the most important factor for these weapons as the foundation and initial concept of the role they are aiming to fill is actually solid and warranted. I am not expecting these swords to replace GS as the main power based weapon but I am expecting them to feel decent as a back bar / ranged power weapon right now the numbers on all fronts make them not worth using. Visual/ Mechanical notes The auto chain looks fine and overall for beta visuals most of them worked fine. Skill 3 and4 are probably the skills that visually are just not tasteful at all barely fitting. I am not a fan however of the swords attacks being ground based projectiles meaning they they do not actually fly through the air. They flow along the ground and can move down terrain but not up terrain there will be certain instances where these weapons wont be usable as a result of that however if this cannot be changed its not the end of the world but its worth mentioning. Skill notes Skill 1 recommendations (the auto chain) Skill 1 (the auto combo) hit 1 is instant but has a massive amount of after cast, so much after cast infact that the gap between hit 1 and hit 2 is larger than both the gap between hit 2 and 3 and hit 3 looing back to the start of the auto chain. This makes the weapon feel very awkward to even just auto attack with. This gap additionally makes the swords feel a tad bit worse at range as the attack speed feels slightly slower when you are at range vs right on a targets face. hit1 - reduce the after cast > hit 2 - reduce the cast to 1/4 second > hit 3 the cast can remain 3/4 second however make sure the damage is worth the cast time. Skill 2 recommendations The cast times on skill 2 are fine as they are the damage on the first activation is ok my issue is with the reactivation. The reactivation deals half the damage of the intial activation at the cost of hp but then goes up to the same amount of damage if the target is under 50% hp. This generally does not feel good its not mechanically fun you dont feel like you are gaining anything because you technically are losing for the first 50% of any combat situation. The second activation should be = to the first activations damage total with the additional benefit of having the 50% building a nerf into the skill is not fun grave digger having the bonus under 50% feels like a pure gain because you dont feel like you are losing out on using the skill above 50% proc where as the sword just feels like a waste of hp if the second activation is going to be half damage until the proc kicks in. Skill 3 recommendations. The animation lock does not feel great. I suggest making this attack a dash similar to teh guardian offhand sword or the rev sword 5 which blinks you to the target if you have one selected where it ends when you reach the target this would flow nicer and combo with other skills far better. Overall the main issue with this skill is the long animation lock. The hp cost for reactivation is ok but consider adding additional damage in pve only against targets that have no boons. Skill 4 recommendations. THE CAST TIME IS WAY TO LONG AND NOT WORTH THE DAMAGE you just generally are better off autoing rather than using this skill. The cast time being reduced to 3/4 of a second or half a second would be more ideal. 1 second cast times just dont feel good in todays version of the game even more so when the damage is not worth it. While I do understand its aoe its just generally too slow for the damage it deals. The reactivation is also too costly and generally not worth using. Again the slow animation and after cast even with quickness does not allow this skill to flow well into the auto attacks and most of the other sword skills and feels clunky some polish is needed here. Skill 5 recommendations The initial activation is ok its pretty fast and feels fine to activate however the damage ticks from the orb are too slow. So slow infarct that on a target that is not moving will have one of the 3 hits often miss as the orb is out of range (or so consistently saw this attack proc the miss) text against targets that were close when i used it.. The reactivation has no damage attached and for 5k hp the fear alone is not worth it. Consider adding the damage a damage burst on activation which can make the hp cost worth it in pve while keeping the skill mainly focused on cc in competitive where the burst damage value can be reduced as all other cc's are. Closing remarks and TLDR Nice you filled a solid missing niche for necro with this weapon unlike some of the other weapons this one feels like it has a very solid starting place. The sword needs polish with its cast times, after cast, and combo potential. If we must lock necromancer into having the thematic hp consumption or slow attacks with heavy damage thats fine but les chose 1 or the other not both at the same time both going into 2024 feels bad. I think it would be far worth keeping the hp cost for extensive damage but letting the swords be a bit faster for combative flow.
  3. My personal gripe is that the team has made the choice to nerf septic corruption (seen on stream but is not in the notes) on harbinger by 50% but harbingers identity was always suppose to be lose hp to gain more damage why are you not also considering lightening the hp reduction per blight stack if you want to cut the damage per blight stack down.. EVEN MORE CONCERNING Is that harbinger still has an entire row of power traits that are not nearly as powerful and need reworks or adjustments to make them viable options. They use to be some what viable in competitive modes but after several nerfs they don't really see much use in either any game mode that im aware of. While my focus is mainly on pve here I think these things need to be considered because the team is effectively making blight stacks almost a pure negative punishment for playing the class until you use 2 specific skills and the feel of maintaining high blight wont be impactful now. Going for high blight should be just as impactful as spending it on the shroud skills and nerfing the 1 trait that currently sees use and interaction with it is not a good balance adjustment option. The change to SoS is a bit disappointing there are not enough foes in pve to warrant this change especially not as a core change for me personally this makes the trait even less appealing if it loses its previous functionality entirely. perhaps making the trait also cause boon removal in addition to its previous effects sure but to straight up remove the unique ability to retain signet passives in shroud for just boon removal is not great. Dont really want the classic SoS back that ship has long departed singets have gone through too many changes in their own right at this point. Additionally signet of spite should just be updated to grant 10% outgoing strike damage. The cd in pve is still to high for what it does considering its controversial nature of having a power passive but a condition active. --- My suggestion is to cut back the hp reduction per stack by 50% or leave septic corruption alone and look to make adjustments else where. Remove the pulsing damage from Cascading corruption and make it change the shroud skills to be more power focused but apply no conditions. Vile Vials will need to see a rework because nothing makes it worth taking Even the power trait has more value and its arguably bad in comparison to its condition counterpart The dagger 2 change is good dagger trait change is good but the dagger auto is still too weak to be considered a decent weapon leave the bruiser mindset behind and just make it a dps weapon the main hand is power focused while the off hand is condition focused. A good start would be making the dagger auto at least match the same speed of thief dagger You can remove the cooldown functionality from SoS but keep the passive active in shroud nature or make that nature baseline specifically for these signets sense the cd reduction method was so unique. on having the passives be on while shroud is up.
  4. So These changes are looking pretty saucy and i am a fan of them but lets point something out. Why is Scourge the only update for this patch when death magic and blood magic for necromancer are both problematic in terms of balance either being useless or borderline broken depending on which elite spec you are using. There have been several times were devs have called out death magic reworks etc and we have yet to see them. Will this ever happen? We know the team does no like toughness based traits like death carapace when will yourework the death line for both pve and pvp. While I understand the goal is to make less meta things more viable this is a long lasting problem that has needed to be fixed. I particularly do not like the soulbeast merging pet swap ability as having 6 merged skills all with their own cd is a very big deal. From a pvp perspective its clearly stronger than the other two traits it sits with making it a no brainer. Consider syncing the pet skills so that if you swap pets after blowing your merged skills you still need to wait to use the back bar pet skills etc. Its powerful let it be a powerful option however it does need A restriction in some way shape or form.
  5. Its less to do with how its designed and more of how it currently does a bit too much of everything the rifle changes are good although the damage may need to be adjusted. ITs more so the supply massive number of boons in addition to key boon kinda thing that concerns me. Im all for a minion rework of some sort but im not for tying a bunch of random boons to them. If anet wants to make minions good they will need to be more active and less passive from what they currently are. Like the jade mech is nice the rifle is nice but there are 2 things i would like to avoid. Making over powered passive minions and granting every boon in the game for long periods of time like engi does right now. Thats why I propose making them more like mesmer phantoms but making them far stronger than what they are now. Giving them trait synergy is fine but lets not do it via passive boon share that so man classes already have right now. As for a shroud that gives you stronger minions instead anet kinda missed out on that idea. Ideally thats what scourge could have been. I was hoping scourge would be more like the warlock from blade and soul that gets one powerful immobile minion that you can only move around with a few skills and gives a powerful effect to the caster an its allies depending on how you trait it. But nope... scourge was just blast barrier and aoes all over the place.
  6. I think blood blank is a horrible skill that shouldn't be in blood magic at all seeing as how only really scourge can make the most of it and we lost what could have been potentially a good support trait slot on something wasted that cant be used with most necro builds...... IT was an oversight by them to put a barrier trait that depends on healing in blood magic when 2 of the 3 forms of necromancer cannot receive healing half of the time due to how their shrouds work.
  7. yeah it actually did lol ive used it in pvp as support quite a bit and it definitely use to heal you too as the heal occurred after shroud is deactivated so you were eligible to get the heal if its not working now its because they broke it.. just like they broke plague signet (its not working right now either)
  8. I've proposed marks on weapon skills a for a long while now. That said i dont think we we are going to easily get tons of traits that are going to simultaneously boost marks. Making dark pact a mark would be fine but the immobilize would likely need to be dropped to 1s if we are talking about aoe immobilization on a common weapon skill. Offhand dagger (enfeebling blood) could also be turned into a mark while we are on the subject of daggers. Soul Grasp is honestly fine and I would still find it hard to use in pve because its not the problem skill on focus. Boon ripping skills in pve need to deal increased damage to foes that have no boons (as a pve exclusive thing) many other classes that have boon rip tied onto their skills function this way. Additionally doing a change like this could be the boost necro weapons need to actually deal a bit more outside of shroud. In other words make spinal shivers actually worth something in pve first then we can maybe circle back around to soul grasp.
  9. I prefer they did not go down this road with necro mechanist is already a big big problem right now thats causing all kinds of negativity in the community of this game we do not need more classes trying to be like it. Minions should act more like mesmer phantoms where they pop out do a powerful attack then die and leave like a jaggad horror or something for 10-15s some of the minions could even have ammo counts but overall lets not go with the whole keeping x minon alive provides x boon idea its a horrible trend that is making the game balance a hot mess right now and necromancer both in pve and especially in pvp and wvw DOES NOT need that hot mess of a balance disaster tied to it.
  10. gross.... i dont like this idea unless its done with some newer elite spec or core necro only.
  11. ive noticed it even on my autos sometimes... i thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me several times have i noticed my autos going like normal speed only for one or two of them then it goes back to being normal. Something is going with quickness but im not sure what it is.
  12. I dont like the idea of poison being applied here unfortunately torment would make a bit more sense. (you want to keep moving to keep warm but if you sit still it gets worse kinda thing) Torment just fits better. This might be ok ish but forget about this happening in pvp and wvw people already hate necro enough as it is they could make the threshold 55 stack to grant protection for 1 second and people would think its op still. Im not sure if would be fair for this to pulse out a fear I think the initial placement should however apply a 1s fear after that they have to walk across it or something. the pulsing of the boon whichever it gives would be ok though. I generally dont like the death line having much to do with spectral skills so I have to kind of say no to this one. Additionally lets not combine the idea of a pulsing fear bubble that also provides stab at the same time this is just not going to work balance wise especially in wvw/pvp that just makes you effectively invincible while standing in it. The base spectral skill spectral armor should already give one stack of stab for its duration period without a trait its the only spectral defensive that saw no rework or update with the removal of spectral traits. Additionally a death magic rework needs to include removing the toughness from carapace stacks or carapace stacks all together. Anet has already said they do not like this mechanic in their game and has intended to remove it for a while now. (how it didnt make it into the 28th PATCH IDONT KNOW, I guess another thing that shows they were out of touch) But Death magic should probably have its carapace idea scrapped and many of the on death traits scrapped as well.
  13. In some cases though its not even that its gonna suck in its own right... its more so that its going to suck when compared to firebrand / mechanist. Those 2 classes alone set the bar very high and anything that is not near that means it sucks by comparison. Like a few of the changes anet is going for are not exactly bad ones on their own. Its just when players go "why would I run this in comparison to x elite spec that offers 10x more and does it easier and does not have to give up anything." Granted some people like things being more complexed so we cant expect every class to be made equally difficult to do a specific role if anything that would be a very bad choice in either direction. The first thing anet can do is start with firebrand and mechanist and just start lowering the bar once they lower the bar other things have room to shine in their own right. Its very surprising to most people that anet didnt see that.
  14. hmm interesting I suppose. I will look at this in more detail later but its hard to imagine it being stronger by 10% in pve with the loss of the soul eater trait. which is straight up a 10%. Its clunky sounding and i hate the idea of it lol still a horrible way to make a change considering that that trait effects all potential power builds necro can ever have. If they had adjusted soul barbs or something with an increase at the same time i could understand it but it seems like overall a bad change if you ask me.
  15. The TLDR version of my reply to this. Warhorn and healing The will have to do alot more for healing necro to ever be considered they should prob start by removing blood bank or at least putting it in the scourge line so that all the heal traits are not in the same slot at least and they will have to make the ability to heal far more consistent and that will probably require a scourge rework for the best results. Soul reaping oh... the worst of the worst.... the 10% crit chance change is fully understandable we can adjust for that without much difference.... the 15% crit damage however while it sounds good written down is not = to the 300 ferocity from before which was 20% so thats a power reaper nerf as well as a potential nerf for any necro power build going forward. Sad and disappointing considering that the power options for necro... Reaper good changes... Sadly only apply to pvp only when pve could have used those changes even more than pvp and wvw.... but seeing the reaper specific healing skill get some love is nice necro really needed more competitive healing options that were not just always take consume conditions. Harbinger... I wont complain because based on the other changes its more than likely to do more harm than good... power harb has no chance now thank to the soul reaping DP change just forget about that. Yes FIX THE UNDER WATER SKILL WHEN???? HOW DO YOU LOOK AT UNDERWATER ELIXIRS AND NOT FIX THE UNDER WATER SKILL. The more i read the more i was happy to see that they didnt dive into changing much.
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