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[Suggestion] Sit Cam

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This has always been an issue. Using emotes like /sit and /sleep. And now, we need this for chairs too.

  1. We need a separate 'adjust camera to character height' for emotes that put us on the ground and sitting in chairs.
  2. We need a separate set of 'vertical position near/far' settings.

Or, perhaps what would solve it is one vertical scrollbar for /sit type emotes and sitting that drops the camera all the way to the floor, as low as possible, so you can do the max zoom in (without first person) and still see your entire character, or not. Have it cover an entire set of ranges that would even cover needing a separate 'adjust to height' just for sitting. That way, we could set the camera really low for sitting in a chair or /sleep, as we see fit.

As it is now, you can't do an extreme close up of your character sitting in a chair, /sleeping, etc.

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