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Fight like your live depends on it!


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My first Post got deleted because it was not good feedback.So lets try it again but nicer. ;)

In this Video i see 3 things.

  1. A Deadeye who is as usefull as a duck in a War Zone.
  2. A Squad Setup that Triggers me on a personal level.
  3. Riverside Player that die to this.

I know more Commander that would not even leave the Spawn with a Squad like this then i do Commander that would.This is almost barbaric.

Here is a Picture of some Squads i made in the HoT Area.And even this is not perfect.https://www.pic-upload.de/view-35121056/SquadsKodashHoT.png.html

Look at the Video 1:00

Firebrands: 6Scourge : 9Rev : 3Weaver : 3Spellbreaker : 5Chrono/Mirage : 4

Non Meta : 8

Dead : 3

Look at 7:45.

Firebrands: 3Scourge : 10Rev : 4Weaver : 4Spellbreaker : 4Chrono/Mirage : 3

Non Meta : 8

GOOD GOD! I have to stop. This video pushes to many of my buttons.

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@DanAlcedo.3281 said:I think you missed the point. It was actually about the way how the com was shouting in voice (ts). which was quite funny compared to your average coms. At least from the people i have been following/listening so far.

Regardless, jumping to your point. I dont see why you need to be so critical about it. I mean its just a public blob. No specific focus in raiding nor a guild. Im just having fun with deadeye in a large random mashups. Pretty sure the com or the lieutenant would organize the squad better or heck even kick me if they did care.

Welcome to Piken buddy. Where the shets and giggles are high and the tryharding low ;-)

Edit: PS: We where not against Riverside in that video...

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@"MachineManXX.9746" said:What I saw was a bunch of people looking like they were having a fun time with an enthusiastic commander. I think I would have fun following him when not with my guild. I actually enjoyed the video from that perspective. And I mean, who really cares if they had the "perfect comp"?

See? he gets it. Thank you kind sir

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