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Don't transmute unlimited logging axes. [Fixed]

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I transmuted a Chop-It-All Logging Axe to have the Dreamcleaver Logging Axe skin. When I did so I got an annoying pulsing sound on my character with an electric aura after using the axe. Over the skills 6-10 bar I get a count up indicator recording the amount of strikes with it maxing at 25. The indicator has a time of 59s after every use of the logging axe. The count up indicator has the title of the following: ((877677)) [That's the title, no words, just the (( and numbers))]

After getting this sound (which is annoying to me). I transmuted the skin back to the original yet upon use of the tool I still have the same sound albeit now with the Chop-It-All skin. I have tried zoning to the guild hall and back and still get the sound. I have also moved zones and still get the sound. I have equipped an unbound logging axe and do not get the count up or the sound. Re-equipping the transmuted tool brings the sound and count up indicator back and it even keeps the swings from before you equipped the unbound axe yet not the swings of using the unbound axe.

Please fix this.

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