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Old forum thread about balance that’s worth reading


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The spirit of this old thread still applies, as do some of the key points and phrases.

...Some of you may look at my ideas that I bring up as crazy, but I’m just looking to change the status quo here, and for the team to think about substantial and meaningful changes to the game. Meta shifts happen when xpacs launch, and balance patches barely move the needle, and those are not enough to accomplish any meaningful goals... This game needs more than xpac specializations every couple years... and way more than a few +/- changes that basically keep weapons, traits, slot skills roughly in the same places...

My main point being is that professions need revisioning and an overhaul. We need more working weapons, skills and builds. We need to look at making sure all profession have multiple working builds that are fun, not funky and clunky, to play... I know players are happy that the team is making a stronger effort these days, but I have a strong feeling that players would love to see a daring dev team really blow things up and make professions 10x better.

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