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  1. Not sure how long you’ve been following Ranger, but pets account for roughly 1/3rd of the Ranger damage equation. I stated a few threads long ago, and even quoted back from an Alpha interview with the devs that pets needed work. I also tested most pets in the training area and posted the results, and a good majority of pet attacks, ranged and melee, miss the walking golem. Yes, a walking target… Some pets also do not get speed boost boon sleep for some glitchy reason. We’ve had countless threads on these subjects. Pets have issues.
  2. Hope I’m wrong, but it looks it’s going to be yet another pve melee spec, but with slower attacks that root and no mobility… Pet issues were probably not worked on either. Most likely it will be awful in wvw and a lower budget circle sitter in spvp with low damage AoE CCs. Probably have to go full tank type specs to survive for any reasonable amount of time .
  3. Pointless ideas. Not sure why some are hung up on stats, when the issues with GW2 have always been about professions themselves. Also, wvw isn’t the dropped esport spvp, so let’s keep that spvp design mentality separate from this mode. And what kind of suggestion is this? “You still can zerg up if you want but there should be less incentive to do so.” WvW drew inspiration from DAoC, it’s meant to be a mode for large groups to come together to play against one another. Sure, players have the autonomy to do what they want, and most might want to group up, but so
  4. Also, you bought the $79 version, so what did you spend your 4,000 gems on?
  5. “I care that it costs”. We also need food to survive, so do you complain at the market because they charge you for food? Do you think Anet employees are volunteers that slave away at keyboards 8+ hours a day to produce free stuff for players? Think it costs $0 to run this business with hundreds of workers and the thousands of other elements associated with running a business? Wow? You mean the game by Activision/Blizzard that charges a monthly fee to play? You want season 1 and 2? Spend $20 in gems. Too bad if someone chose not to
  6. If someone spent 79 bucks for the xpac, they get 4,000 gems with it. I just priced the episodes and it comes out to 4,160 gems. You’re not arguing anything. This company doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Those stories are outside of Xpacs so you didn’t log in you don’t get it free. Too bad. This company also allows players to exchange gold for gems to get free stuff over time. Get out of here with that integrity stuff, you don’t know what it costs to run a business, or pay employee, or understand the thousands of other costs associated, yet complain about a few bucks…
  7. Would you like it if Anet charged a monthly subscription fee to play instead, just like in FF? Or do you want as much as you can get for free from this business? And just wondering, did you ask Square Enix to get rid of their monthly sub, like you want free stuff here?
  8. With all due respect, when a player plays a ranger, they want to play a ranger. They don't want to play a quasi-elementalist that fiddles with 25 skills based off of timers, swapping, plus resources to manage... On top of all this, you suggest that their main weapon can't target an enemy, so it makes it a completely useless weapon solo and a pain to play in groups because you are only laser-beaming 1 person for the equivalent of a poor man's regen while hoping a baddie enters the beam... That really sound like quality fun to you? There is also a trend of changing something to somet
  9. All of these suggestions are a bunch of needless and unnecessary designs. It’s almost as if you want to make this espec worse off than it is. And kind of, well, idk… to even suggest that a weapon can’t target an enemy… There is way too much to nitpick here, so I’ll just say that your ideas aren’t really something that should ever be considered.
  10. Well, I think it would serve you better to distinguish the differences between wvw and spvp. That will resolve most of your issues. Also, part of the attraction to wvw is that it’s more free form, and players can do what they want to do with the tools and options they are given. You’re not going to get a wvw free of commanders. Commander and group options are an intentional and important part of the make up and design of this mode, especially since hundreds of players can participate at any given time. Play the way you want, don’t worry about what other people do with t
  11. Was visible to me, but thanks for pointing it out on your end. Is it visible to you now?
  12. Not exactly sure how to articulate this, but I’m going to give it a try… I understand that the devs want to provide some uniqueness to professions and especs, however, with each passing xpac, the team unintentionally ends up doubling and tripling down on unnecessary elements. Seems there is more focus devoted to making sure that some types of “this crazy idea to make it different” gets thrown into the mix of every profession, and more of a focus on getting players to play the mechanics of a profession and espec instead. That’s kinda backwards. Players want to play the
  13. Oh @voltaicbore.8012 Let's blame Anet because people don’t take the time to read… They just assume and buy, so that’s obviously Anet’s fault, right? https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049722974-Living-World-Episode-Unlocks https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Living_World But I’m assuming Anet can resolve and make this right by giving everything for free.
  14. I’m allowed to comment on comments you make, and that’s the comment I chose to comment on to make a point. If you don’t want someone to comment on your comment, then avoid making those comments, and certainly don’t accuse someone of “cherry picking”. Spend some time thinking about stuff, and less time spin doctoring.
  15. ……… So you don’t keep wondering why I made that post. I know, you think it’s ok for Anet to give away more free stuff, on top of no sub fee, so what else should Anet give away for free out of the kindness of their hearts?
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