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  1. Umm it was a “duel” to “beat” you. A “duel”, which were words from your own mouth on twitch and titled as a “duel”. A “duel” means you fight. A “duel” isn’t one person chases another person around for 10 minutes and only fight 5% of the time. You lost by quitting, and all you are doing is showing everyone who reads this thread and watches the duel that you don’t keep your word. You issued the duel challenge, lost, and unwilling to hold up your end of the bargain. Nobody likes to lose, but do it with dignity. You should have given the 1k gold to Hobo and congratulated him. Yo
  2. @Trevor Boyer.6524 You quit so you lost. Now “show good sportsmanship” and pay up that 1k gold to Hobo.
  3. Actually... “until you’re done”. ”I will quite seriously give you 1000g if you can come on my stream and beat my Celestial Druid setup with any Core Ranger or Soulbeast setup. I'll even let you swap your build multiple times and keep trying as often as you wish until you're done.”
  4. That’s all well and good, but Hobo showed up and you quit. You should do the honorable thing and give Hobo the 1,000 gold.
  5. @Trevor Boyer.6524 you owe @hobotnicax.7918 1,000 gold. You challenged players to a duel. You claimed your druid couldn’t be killed. You also claimed your build “has plenty of damage, surprisingly”, meaning you have the potential to fight back and win. You complained about ping in EU so you didn’t go there. Someone from EU comes here and plays with crappy ping. You ran the entire time, but it was a duel. A duel means you fight, not display your ability to run and hide as much as you can until you yourself quit. You couldn’t win, then you quit. Hobo won from that alone. N
  6. @Vayne.8563 is correct. Player to player interaction is what you make of it. The devs aren’t going to add dueling to pve maps, and that was confirmed. And most players don’t need or want pvp in their pve. You don’t have the finger on the pulse of this game if you think that additional player interaction tools are what the game is in dire need of to grow and survive. Gl
  7. An outfit is a “onesie”. Armor is not a “onesie”. It’s quicker and more cost effective to produce an outfit “onesie” over individual armor pieces. And if outfits were broken up into individual pieces they would no longer be outfits, they would be armor. And armor takes a ton more time and resources to create... ”Armor sets are by far the most expensive reward we can make. A full set includes heavy, medium, light, times five races, times two sexes, so it's like developing 30 sets. It takes nine months to develop. (That's for a normal armor set -- legendary is much longer.)”
  8. Don’t mislead readers. Mount skins yes. Weapons and armor no. Outfits are on the gemstore, as are a few other misc armor pieces. Your problem is that you assume a sub means almost everything on the gemstore will be in game. False. You’ll get a few select items in game, maybe a couple of sub perks, but the rest will stay on the gemstore. Reward implementation will mostly stay as is, but a forced sub means Anet loses players in droves and this game shuts down much sooner than expected. Then you can say goodbye to all your coveted mount skins when they unplug gw2. And let me g
  9. This thread has been going on for 4 pages and not a single person who voted yes has been able to show why they think gem to gold conversion is pay 2 win. It’s not fair that the people who voted yes bought “power” and are keeping the location of the “power” merchants a secret from the rest of us! And here I thought GW2 had the best community... :(
  10. @Leo G.4501 “MY perspective is that P2W, in GW2, takes form in buying currency with cash that can transfer into power.” What statistically advantageous “power” is only available for those willing to fork over cash? Does this “power” allow a paying customer to defeat or win against someone who didn’t spend the cash? And I would like buy this “power” with my credit card today, so where is it on the gemstore or in game?
  11. @Malchemist.1620 “ They have an income and that is why we get updates. Its why the game is still here. But you know how they get more done? Market more. Do more on twitch. Get more eyeballs to the game website and get more people to play. Then and only then can they put the devs who are working on the current game and keeping us entertained to other areas, like alliances, or new pvp maps or changes that will bring the very thing you want.” Sorry, no. That’s not reality. You invest in, update, fix, and improve your product, then market your product, then collect extra money and repeat the pro
  12. Exactly :) thank you for this and I agree completely. More eyeballs on the game is the end goal and getting gw2 up there on top categories will only help <3 Yes, YOUR end game goal is more views, and the more popular a game is your viewership goes up. YOU benefit more directly from that. Views don’t mean paying customers, and I guarantee the trickledown from viewer to paying customer is negligible. Meanwhile, the end goal of Anet and NC soft isn’t twitch eyeballs, it’s $$$ on their monthly financial reports. And that’s achieved by fixing the game, following through on years old words and p
  13. You keep repeating “Some marketing is better than no marketing”, but Anet already does market the game......
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