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  1. I misunderstand nothing. You post a video with npcs and your side doing the work while claiming maces are "viable", then try to play it off like people just didn't get it or don't wvw. We all clearly see what you did in the video evidence you posted, and it was anything but "viable". The problem is that gives the devs the false impression that these weapons are good, when in fact, they aren't. Maybe reassess your own video in a more objective manner?
  2. Ok, but your video clearly shows how subpar maces are for wvw so thanks for hi-lighting my point. You post a video with 3 npcs + you killing a lone guard and your side doing all the work, yet you use that as some feedback to the devs as to why maces are "viable". You presented the video, then accuse someone of not reading it correctly when challenged, when you should have reflected on how poor maces performed instead. Maces are not currently viable outside of pve period. They were not designed for wvw or spvp in mind, and that's clear to see.
  3. Well, thanks for posting your gameplay video showing why maces aren't viable outside of pve and reinforcing my argument!
  4. Just replying again to reiterate on skills 2-5. Step 1- Shoot/Place Arrow. Step 2- Arrow blows up in a 300 AoE (like them good ol' necro staff skillemebobber marks). Step 3- Player is now happily playing the game, with fun and useful skills not playing the UI! Win-Win.
  5. I want to help make these weapons enjoyable and usable in every mode. All #1 Skills magically blast out “verdant” (nature, grass, rocks, and stuff) energy 900 range. #2 Slam the ground causing a conical cascading quake in front of your character. 900 Range. #3 “Ammo” type Skill. 2 uses. Manual/reticle targeting for tactical use. 900 range. 240 blast radius… Or 3 “ammo” for 600 range with manual targeting. 240 blast radius. #4 Summon thorns to pull in enemies, then damage them, and all the other stuff. 360 radius. #5 Slamming the ground causes a “verdant” quake that lingers for 5 seconds. Damage pulse each second. Daze 2 seconds. 360 radius. …So now these skills become fun to use and more viable throughout the various game modes.
  6. OK, sure. You kill some lone guardian fighting a tower lord and 2 guards, while you swipe a couple times with mace then use CA. You go down ramp and swipe at outnumbered enemies with your mace then use CA again. You run outside swipe some baddies getting pelted by your team, use CA again, then swap to GS. Your maces accomplished next to nothing, it was the NPCs and your team doing all the work. That's exactly what the video shows, yet here you are claiming "viable zerging weapon".
  7. I'm sorry, but unfortunately no, mace isn't viable outside of pve. The only things viable were the npcs and your side outnumbering the enemies, and that's clear by your vid. Your mace wielding contributions were negligible, and again that's clear by your vid.
  8. These swords are fun to use, really excited to test them out more!
  9. Skills #2-#5 would be cooler, and far more useful, as straight aoe skills without needing extra activation. Think a tad bigger AoEs as well, have to go back and check. Less UI and more play please?
  10. EDIT: Necro Swords Coolness, Design, and Utility Score- 9/10 and will be usable outside of PvE. Ranger Maces 2/10 and are PvE limited weapons. --- --- --- My 2c. I'm glad that the team made the decision to add more weapons. Following the heels of Hammer, we have another melee weapon. I didn't feel any excitement while trying the maces. Seems like the weapon will only be usable in pve and there may end up being better options than maces. Won't be enjoyable for me to stand at a pve mob or boss pressing buttons mindlessly, and it's not a weapon choice I would use for any other mode. I feel like a couple changes could make these weapons much more enjoyable and usable outside of pve. Melee weapons struggle vs ranged weapon counterparts in competitive play because targets don't stand still. If all this weapon set has is a small 450 hop, then it's out of any pvp or wvw mode. Compared to... Echoing Eruption - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Holo Leap - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Also, this could be a good weapon set to give some range to the skills. Examples... Crystal Configuration: Storm - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) (grants sword skills some range) Rocket Fist Prototype - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Searing Fissure - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Tremor - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) If it were up to me, then I'd give all #1 skills a 600-900 range component. Skills #2, #3, and #4 give a 900 range component (900 leap on #3). Skill #5 not sure, maybe boost the radius and let the skill linger a bit more and do damage. This weapon could be made cool and fun for every mode, but currently it's not.
  11. I don't know why you want a melee rifle? I mean, you'd probably get torn apart then have to run into towers and switch builds to something more useful. You can stop playing at any time, nothing is preventing you from taking breaks? Right?
  12. Shifting goal posts. I guarantee the majority of the playerbase would not want a melee rifle. I never asked for a "cone autoattack". My original input was simply Range 900. However, I did mention spreads were doable after your cone stuff, of which you yourself finally agree on. Again, this is a fantasy pretend game. The devs could implement all sorts of non-traditional projectiles. Regardless, a melee rifle would garner many facepalms from the playerbase and the developers know that, so you two will have to come up with some better ideas. than a "melee rifle".
  13. No, sorry, that's not how it works. Someone clearly stated maces WILL be X, and I asked for clarification. Of course there is nothing with assumptions or theory crafting, but stating something as fact isn't an assumption discussion. Go ahead and look back, should take you a minute to read, perhaps it will give you a better understanding of the discussion. Good plan, right?
  14. Guesses/assumptions and facts are 2 different things. Am I correct? Actual quote that I responded to from poster- "Double maces will be good defensive choince for zerg Play.". That is a statement that leads one to believe it is a fact. "will be". This is a guess/assumption. "may be". That's why I asked to clarify if this was assumption or fact. As of now, we don't know what maces will do. They could be ranged weapons, melee weapons, offensive weapons, defensive weapons, shoot magic beams, summon dragons... like we don't know. So we need to avoid factual statements like "will be". Correct?
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