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  1. Can't comment on QQ as not run into them NA but Hunt is pretty chill. The real problem children (who were dropped on their heads) in roaming are [SA] and [JP] and their cronies with Slonder etc. Also what hurts roaming far more than any one guild is this idiotic boonball meta which is seeing any and all tools for hurting them removed and made useless. You can't even moa pull the enemy com soon, not that it should be easy with perma 5+ stacks of stability, prot, regen, aegis spam and bubbles. The boonball meta is the child of a person who could never command well removing anything that hurt them. The only thing that kills them is a better skilled boonball or their own stupidity, where the bar for that is so low it's practically in hell.
  2. I'd love for phantasms to spawn with swiftness (if only for 5s) and when you shatter clones get swiftness for 5s. It won't solve everything but it at least gives them a chance to hit. Oh and ofc they won't get affected by relic of speed because that'll just have to be ignored by the dev team forever. You know how it is.
  3. Dude, stay on topic instead of talking out of where you rage whisper people from. My point is that Signet of Humility, the skill that was designed to counter unkillable builds AND transforms is now worse than a simple rushed clone job of toss elixir X. You know it, I know it and everyone else here knows it.
  4. Maybe you should look at the changes more closely, signet of humility will put an animation above the target also, you'd have to be blind or brain afk to get hit with it now. Bringing up the signet passive show's you're scraping the barrel, it's nothing anyone would even build around, and it makes barely any difference, even a 3s stun becomes 2.4s which would still make you dead without stunbreaking. Missing toss elixir x sounds like a skill issue tbh, you can hit with grenades right?
  5. This is literally the point where we can call the person balancing WvW incompetent, just looking at the base skills show this. The skill that was originally designed to transform and enemy into a moa and combat transforms is WORSE than the tacked on toolbelt skill to engineers, toss elixir X. Toss elixir X has the folowing over signet of humiliation: 50% more duration. 200% more targets affected. Recharges 50% quicker. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Toss_Elixir_X https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Signet_of_Humility
  6. Let me address a few points. 1) Traits: You shouldn't have to trait so that the basic functionality of a weapon works, by that I mean phantasms hitting. You can literally run away from them with swiftness and they will never ever hit. Can you imagine if a ranger had to trait their arrows so they don't have a 50% chance to miss? Or you had to trait for faster projectile speed because otherwise people out run them? 2) In zergs: The example I was choosing wasn't a zerg fight, there were only 2 players but the AoE damage from both instantly killed all clones and phantasms, in a 5v5 a grenade engineer does 2k damage with just spamming grenade autos, that will instantly kill all clones and most phantasms. There's a lot of damage around and you can very easily in this meta have 1-2 guys pumping a constant 4k damage AoE either PBAoE or at range with 2-3 people supporting them (that is increasingly becoming the roaming meta now) and I'm not even mentioning the condition AoE spam. 3) Class mechanic: The basic functionality of the class does not work very well, you set up clones then shatter them to do damage, interrupt, apply conditions or be invulnerable. I'll accept the argument that because Illusionary Persona is baseline you do always get the PBAoE effect but you more or less get it at anywhere between just under half and a quarter of it's effectiveness because clones die so fast. What this does is push the class into either boring tanky builds that don't rely on shatter scaling, see current zergling build or high APM instant shatter builds. There's very little in between because clones tend to die when spawned if they're melee to the enemy and if they live because they're ranged they never reach the target on shatter because everyone has swiftness.
  7. I was fighting in WvW as usual and as usual my clones died to just random AoE from a spellbreaker and ranger using double barrage. When I think about all the times I'm playing now, it's really rare for an illusion and even some phantasms to live, let alone hit anything without 0 range shattering as they spawn. Sure if I spawn them at range or against single target attackers they live, but they still die in 1 hit usually as they run to explode butterflies all over the enemies face. Don't even get me started on "team fights". Add to this the unbelievable mobility of a lot of classes now (perma superspeed, relic of speed, will bender, mobility skills added to weapons etc) it's also tiring to see phantasms never hit because someone has teleported or just outrun it, even in combat and not away from me. Can you imagine how much other classes would complain if their skills took 1s to cast and also might not hit at all? Before someone says "mine hit most of the time, skill issue" etc, I'm not saying I don't know how to land them, I do and I make sure to not target enemies in a group (despite berserkers cleaving) I'm just pointing out that these were originally designed in context of a game that was significantly slower and had significantly less sustained damage. They've never really been looked at since the base game and, well, it's changed a lot. The power creep is real. Below is the health values in case people didn't know. Illusion PvE PvP/WvW Clone 4,171 2,433 Phantasm 5,821 3,396 Phantasmal Defender 12,476 7,278 So the questions are: Do illusions need more health in WvW at least? Do illusions need a certain amount of swiftness on spawn? Any other thoughts are welcome.
  8. I agree that shared chaos aura is broken, however claiming that frost aura spam isn't broken is not accurate. You cause enemies to be perma chilled moving 66% slower AND having massive recharge penalties to skills while taking 6%-10% less damage (depends on modifiers). Frost aura is a very broken aura to be spammed. As for distortion share, it was fine WHEN MESMER ONLY HAD F4 FOR DISTORTION, where it broke was the stupid distortion spamming enabled by blurred inscriptions and signet of illusions which no-one enjoys fighting in any incarnation. Add to that signet of illusions recharging distortion (while granting it itself) and continuum splitting it, and you can see why distortion share was broken. It wasn't because it's bad, it was because there was/is too much distortion in the game. I agree keep chaos aura just for the mesmer and don't share but the trait really needs to do more than share regen, that boon is passively vomited out by many classes, especially support classes, maybe an idea is that chaos aura's detonate at the end giving you 1-3 of the boons it can give and inflicting 1-3 of the conditions on enemies. Allows more control over the application of the conditions and to limit it to a certain range.
  9. I've played both and I'd say it depends. Power mirage has a lot more cleave with split surge and outside of shatters, also beams are not reflected. It's also a bit more mobile for running away. Power virtuoso is very good if you're with a few people to spike someone out as the shatter is more reliable and ofc unblockable because you would never run without that trait. The main drawback with mirage, chrono and core is that against anything that vomits AoE damage the clones can often die as they spawn or die before exploding on the enemy. Make no mistake, damage is crazy high now and these things only have 2.4k health and the same toughness as you. As for what I play, I tend to play a variety, Power mirage, virtuoso, marauder scrapper, the obscenely broken WB and on occaison DE when I just want to be (more of) an a**hole. I play other classes but not always power and not really longer than to get a feel for them.
  10. Honestly I feel like the OP shot at the target and somehow hit his foot. Condi is a problem in GW2 but imo not because X is OP or condition builds are stronger than power (they objectively aren't), the biggest problem I have with condi is how much is loaded onto skills for no reason. Many fights you suddenly get 5 to 6 conditions on you just for being in the fight. They're not damaging but when 1 of them is immobilise you're basically dead unless you're a class that can largely ignore or specifically cleans immb at will. Unless you have a super strong cleanse skill. But hey, who cares, at this point I think ANet is actively trying to sink this ship given the state of WvW.
  11. Choo choo All aboard the karma train. Just use this build from metabattle and this macro to spam all skills and you're good to go! CHOO CHOOOOOOOOOOO!
  12. I'd like to second this, let people who want rewards karma train around edge of the mists like they once did. Also let event rewards be earned there too otherwise you get the same queue problem during these half kittened events that only serve to draw in people who care about rewards over gameplay.
  13. hmmm must be a different Alva.4590 recruiting for a guild. The point is that the weapon cannot be used for anything BUT a healing build, you look at other support weapons (mostly staff) on other classes and you see that while they are healing focused they also provide plenty of options and self defence. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Staff The only 2 classes where the "healing" weapon doesn't have any defence is scepter on thief and torch on necro, this is because the support and defence is put into the class mechanic, traits and or utility skills as part of a co-ordinated elite spec focused on support.
  14. Personally I think you can break mobility down to the amount of distance travelled over time and has 2 components with the 2nd having 2 distinct categories. Movement speed, as defined here which is mostly passive: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Movement_Speed . This determines how fast you are at moving compared to others, this is where mesmer is slowest for investment. Movement skills, these are skills that travel X distance during their cast and have 2 distinct categories, those that travel on X/Y and those that travel on X/Y/Z, the latter is almost always a teleport (needs path except portal and shadow portal) and is much more valuable. This is also where over time against meta builds mesmer has been losing out, mirage thrust helps a lot but the other mesmer elite specs have seen an erosion of mobility through blink CD increase and other CD increases over the years while other classes had more skills added. We should also not ignore a classes ability to chill and cripple you or the opportunity cost of it, example being necro sword provided perma chill almost on auto and two 700 unit movement skills on a 10s CD, phase retreat eat your heart out.
  15. You clearly do not play competitive game modes across enough classes. Mesmer isn't particularly fast when you compare it to Thief (all), Ranger (Slb, Drd, Unt), Guardian (DH,WB), Revenant (Shiro, Vindi), Warrior (all), Elementalist (air + x/d or s/x), Engineer (rocket boots, Scr, Holo) and even that notoriously "slow" class Necro (s/x, reaper, harbinger). To reach the same level of mobility you have to run mirage and sword with blink but even that's not enough against WB, Slb, Drd, DrD, Harb, warrior and they have the better sustain to fight you with. On Chrono, Virtuoso and core mesmer you are slow. We are talking about the same class, the difference is Lincolnbeard and I actually play it in said modes 90% of our time while you only dip your feet in to get dailies/achievements, going off your responses. "So we decided to restructure and focus it more on PvE content" - this is a quote from you. It's fine, it's a good PvE weapon and I agree with that but it's an awful PvP and WvW roaming weapon. It's better for zergs than staff, at least till it gets nerfed because ANet only thinks about zergs and removes chaos armour.
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