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  1. For the fifth time now, point at where I say "better players do not out rotate, do not kite, and do not play counter builds." Just because someone doesn't mention rotating it doesn't mean good players don't do it. Stop presuming, putting words in my mouth and making illogical conclussions. INCORRECT This is what I put, the full quote "People defend power block because it's one of the few active traits in the game that isn't passively applied for hitting a target with a skill or skill type." That is one whole statement that you shouldn't take out of context, because contex
  2. Fourth time with the false equivalancy and faulty logic, better players are playing in a way to prevent interruption of key skills, it is a specific tactic good players do. It is specific to interrupts. Power Block needs to interrupt. Understand? Still on with Full Counter, many skills have weird times when they don't work or are countered by a niche skill, even Power Block doesn't work all the time either, it cannot increase the recharge of auto attacks or skills with no cool down (resource based skills) and of course everyone's favourite instant cast abilities. It still doesn't cha
  3. There we go again, putting words in my mouth that I did not say and making illogical conclusions. What is this the 3rd time now? The point that you're missing is that good players when playing against power block cover their important skills, it doesn't matter how, it's that they cover them to prevent them being interrupted. In fact good players generally do this anyway because you should be doing it. On top of using other tricks like stowing to not get punished. Last I checked Full Counter is a skill not a trait, it is granted by simply taking spellbreaker, there's not really a choi
  4. The best part about this is that warrior farms ranger...it's like some kind of rock, paper, scissors is going on. Before some "enlightened" individual wants to come and disagree this is something Boyce has seen from playing both sides of the match up and he's played both classes enough to know each class very well.
  5. I did not say they never get power blocked, I said: "You also see better players LoSing to cover their heal and in general covering key abilities for survival" "you see them healing when they kite out of LoS." Does this mean they (better players) never get power blocked? No, because a quick blink and hitting mantra can get them or the mesmer is moving to get into LoS proactively (sometimes LoS can be a bit finicky with some objects) or the mesmer isn't seen because they're adding into a fight. There's a lot of reasons why you can still get power blocked but it doesn't change that LoSi
  6. Support will give it you, you can prove it's legit as you're on the leaderboard with a convincing W/L Congrats.
  7. Except what I put is literally what you see top players doing, it's not theory, it's not a guess, you see them healing when they kite out of LoS. What you put is guess work, a top player doesn't know where someone is planning to kite most of the time (you'd know this if you watch them duel) they may know the other person is going to start kiting and try to position themselves in a good place to prevent it but there's a lot of options for most nodes in PvP. Saying not everyone has stab or other skills ready is also nonsensical, not every mesmer has power block, not every class has access to
  8. You also see better players LoSing to cover their heal and in general covering key abilities for survival but that doesn't fit the narrative.
  9. Sorry, am I to understand you consider these two things equal in skill? To land an ability and gain the effect. To land an ability while the enemy is also carrying out an action to gain the effect. I agree mesmer has too many rupts? Not sure I said that, I said think about how annoying chill is on a class that can spam it out, you know like necro or ele. In fact just think how annoying chill is in general (you might need to play something that isn't warrior), even small amounts can cause lots of problems as it slows you to a crawl and increases ALL cool down recharge and cleans
  10. It's funny you mention chill, that would actually be much stronger as it slows down the recharge of ALL SKILLS not just the one that you interrupted while also slowing you to a crawl. Of course we're assuming it's chill for a decent length to be meaningful like 3-5s. Think about how annoying chill is on a class that can keep spamming it out, they can kite you easily and they will win a CD war, essentially it's an amazing condition to have in a protracted fight. What do those classes and skills require for this huge benefit that is every bit as strong as a GM trait that needs you to inte
  11. I know, I did read the article and understand the algorithms. The question that needs to be thought about is whether reworking the algorithm is worth it considering the time needed to develop and test?
  12. Personally I'd rather Explosive Entrance and flashbang were removed entirely (obviously you put something in there), while I think there can be purposeful plays around and with it the majority of the time it's very passive.
  13. Exactly why I linked it but there's one thing that would concern me over a system change to make an altered Glicko algorithm, that people in the community are kitten enough to game the system if they knew what the scoring metrics were. What to use for scoring (MoVM is easy) is in my opinion the hardest part as there's so much you can do to contribute to the win, damage done, healing, time on node, kills and that's without mentioning someone who kites 3 people on far all game effectively making the map so imbalanced in their teams favour they can't possibly lose. I don't think it would wor
  14. Illusionary leap: Would be nice if the return was 900 range, you basically made a much weaker version of infiltrators strike. Psionics: Probably good in PvE but honestly they seemed to have niche uses otherwise. I found blink, signet of illusions and ether feast better in every case and needed a cleanse for dealing with condi. Elite: Good if the person is downed or stunned, pretty much useless otherwise, it has no teeth and is thin so no real problem crossing it with the amount of swiftness and superspeed everyone has now. Doesn't really help with AoE denial. Instant cast is good t
  15. I mostly tested in WvW so this is a WvW perspective. Class mechanic I find I almost forget about it most of the time, but the few times I did use it was either to get prot because prot is great or a water field for additional healing. What I found really annoying is the cool down on deploying a sphere when switching attunements, I was playing D/D which is a bit faster paced so putting it down on swap, blasting and getting that aura is something I might need to do quickly. All in all though I would honestly rather get rid of the jade sphere design, I have plenty of buttons to p
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