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Graphic issues on PC

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Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right place on the forum but:I have purchased a new pc for GW(now calm down, I'm not addicted, I just needed new one, really!)My problem regards graphic both on PC and In game. Colours seem not resembling themselves - Red is not red, it's more like washed out for example. And the screen is dark.When I try to make it brighter, colours are more washed and do not resemble themselves. Another thing I have noticed, not sure if this is in game feature, but when I pop up Shroud, I normally get the green borders of my screen, however after a moment my whole screen in shroud becomes green, is this game feature or my monitor/graphic card just multiply the colour they found?Parts are good - graphic card is powered in a good way, so Hardware is not the issueGot a Samsung monitor it's a smart basically, connected to Nvidia Geforce MSI 1060 6g gaming card via HDMI

Anyone can let me know if this seem like some problem or basically all I need to do is just to change the colours and if yes can anyone provide me any best ones? Seems that I should configure monitor colours/windows+Nvidia+GW2...a lot of it and to be honest tried for 2 days and didnt find luck.

My goal is to get rid of green shroud screen+make colours be deep and sharp on system+gw, you know, red would be red, green would be green...not washed colours...


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@"Heimdallr.5421" said:basically all I need to do is just to change the colours

All you need to do is uninstall any old monitor driver and GPU driver, then install the latest version for both (check that you get the models right). Once done, google your monitor and "Tom's Hardware" and see if you can find a guide for how to calibrate it properly.

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Thanks for "Tom's Hardware" hint, gonna check this out. As to drivers - When I said I got new pc, I literally got new pc, no old things, got new SSD drive, installed GW on it along with all drivers, so nothing old could cause problem here, it's just clean. Open to any different suggestions like for example calibrating or best color schemes in numbers or %...meanwhile I'll check Tom's Hardware guide

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