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Cheap open world/WvW build?


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Hi guys! I just returned from taking a break since launch, and boosted a mesmer to 80.I was wondering if there's a cheap build I can try to put together in the short term for mostly solo open world content, and occasional WvW?I've been googling and it seems like Mirage with ascended Viper is the endgame build, but I don't have crafting leveled up and only few golds to my account, so I guess that'll be something I work towards in the long term.I've gone through HP trains like many people suggested, and have both Chrono and Mirage unlocked.Please give me some suggestions or point me to the right direction, much appreciated!

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Use the same build, subbing Rampager's for Viper's at first. Then (if you have access) farm a bit in the LS3 zones for your trinkets. Then replace your rabid with Viper's as you find it. (Rabid is an acceptable alternative.)

These are both relatively easy to acquire, since most "choosy" gear offers one or both. Rabid is available from dungeons (Arah, CM, HotW, TA). Rampager's, too (AC, CM, CoE, CoF, & TA). Or you can craft them.

For Viper's, I strongly recommend going directly to Ascended: the premium on Exotic Viper's is wallet-breaking. The same exotic insignia/inscriptions needed for exotic gear can be used instead to stat-transform any ascended piece to Viper's stats, a much better result for end game.

Here's a post on reddit that should be of interest to you:

Rabid is better DPS than Rampager on almost every condi build. If you're gearing up a budget condi character, do yourself a favor and get the extra defense and higher damage

Mesmer is the one class where Rampager is not only a potential consideration for budget builds, but even came up for debate as a meta option. Rampager is better if you're letting your phantasms do most of the work, while Viper/Rabid will win if you start applying more conditions with your own attacks, which don't scale meaningfully with your precision

I deliberately used a lazy rotation for Mirage, letting phantasms do a higher percentage of my DPS This artificially inflated Rampager's damage, since pistol phantasms scale very well with crit chance.

  • Viper (control): 23528 DPS
  • Rampager: 23842 DPS
  • Rabid: 22109 DPS
  • Rampager (no buffs): 9826 DPS
  • Rabid (no buffs): 8921 DPS

As you can see, Rampager does competitive damage. And even Rabid is okay there.

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