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Please Update the Desertion Feature

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Often times, a player leaves a PvP match, making it a 4v5- which is usually impossible to overcome. The game's way of dealing with this is outdated and wastes player time.

This is for several reasons:

  1. After 1 minute of a player disconnection, the match should be forfeited or ended automatically. A 4v5 isn't fun to play and should just be discarded. The deserting player (alone ) should still be penalized, however.
  2. Players sometimes never even load into the game after queue pops. This can happen because of PC or internet issues and can delay or stop the player from joining the match. When this happens the match should be suspended before it begins, with no penalties for any of the players. A match should never start with less than ten players, and should not be considered a desertion. The reason a desertion is given to players does not apply here; is not because a player did not like the matchup and rage quit, for example. Of course, to avoid trolling a separate system can be put in place, like a three-strike system or something of the sort. Players who consistently are not able to or actively avoid joining the match should be penalized if the problem persists.

I write this because desertions and 4v5 are titling, and do not benefit either side. I have often not loaded into a match due to my PC, missed my opportunity to play, and loss SR. Interestingly, matchups after a desertion always feel really bad, as if the game is trying to punish me by placing me with bad teammates or difficult opponents. Of course, this may be in my head, but I have come to experience it so many times already that I simply don't bother with ranked for a day or two after a desertion for this reason.

I am sure that Anet has thought of all this before, but I would just like them to know that this is an issue on a lot of players' minds, and something we would appreciate if implemented properly.

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I think to add to your second point, if a player hasn't loaded in within a certain amount of time then the match should just be thrown out to avoid people being stuck in a limbo. Otherwise I agree. The game makes us wait way too long to get credit for the 5th teammate being gone, and a lot of times it's hard for the team of 4 to drag the match out long enough to get the forfeit unless the teammate dc'ed at the beginning of the match. It usually results in the team of 5 3-capping the map and spawn camping the team of 4 until the match ends.

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