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Guild search function?

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[inset "the game has 'Guild' in its name" meme here]

Yeah iv always wondered why such a great feature is nowhere to be found in gw2.

I mainly ask this because the best way to enjoy the content that i personally like (instanced) is with friends which are usually guildies.

It would massively help ppl find the kind of ppl/guild they are looking for for what ever activity (ow, raids, fractals, dungeons, wvw etc) they are interested in.

Like LOL u even had a friendship video about a guild. Now sure the chat spam of g7ilds is cute and all but having a list with the guilds sorted by (member count, lvl etc) and had a small description of what said guild does would be amazing.

You could go even further and maybe make leaderboards for such guilds sorted by opeb world boss decorations or raid boss kills or wvw stuff etc.

So ye, why isnt such feature in game?

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