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  1. Ill w8 till i see it ingame, iirc they made similar statements during the hot reveal and coupled it in lore masteries.
  2. I wish they did this with the frogs in hot tbh.
  3. It could prob exiwt within the daily rotation and like tt be an event that weekly gets an organized group, honestly i dont care how often it happens but it should be in the ow imo.
  4. Every event so far in the game has required numbers and for the sake of the mmo feel it has existed in the ow despite some of the downsides. If it doesnt have the numbers it fails, simple as that and not smth that being isntanced will solve.
  5. I can live with that, i guess im just looking for some confirmation that the game wont follow this instanced format into eod as well.
  6. I think one of the ways gw2 stands out and is unique from its counterparts is how it aproaches ow, esp with how it can have map spanning metas or massive 100 player world bosses in the ow, it is with that in mind that i express some concern with how the end of ibs meta and marionette were implemented. I think gw2 is at its best when you find some randoms in a map, you see a map icon indicating the event and the 1 random guy turns into 5 doing that, then 10 then 20, then 50 and so on as the events progress (similarly how a massive enemy spawns in the ow and tens of players jump on it for the
  7. Can you bring it into the ow? Its nice that we have the private instance for the added challenge but it feelssjarring that the public version isnt an ow event. I hope the next map event you do will be in the ow.
  8. You are missing the point, op would love to make more legendaries but yet again the system makes ascended more useful.
  9. An entire template jsut to swap a weapon is silly, even if the cap was removed i wouldnt fork themoney so i can quick swap to my focus.
  10. Id love a fractal legendary armor but before we discuss any other way of getting legendary armors what i think should be adressed first is for the pvp and wvw legendary to get an exclusive, high quality look to them to further justify their existance.
  11. Op legendaries for me at least still hold value and for some weapons, like 2h or mainhand we will still likely get value out of them just from the templates alone. Ill just have to do with asc offhands mostly i guess while i make all the mainhands ik im not gonna swap around often.
  12. I doubt they would give ppl the material or exclusive titles for this, they prob thought at least these ppl would have the diff skins available.
  13. Unless this has been added and im living under a rock id very much love to be able to favourite stat combos and particular rune and sigil effects as well as a filter by favourite option. That way whenever i swap to a legenday weapon on the fly i can at least have my options at the top of the list.
  14. Well in theory i would have like 4 or 5 loadouts for the builds i run, and then like 3 or 4 more just for minor, on the fly abjustmemts. I havent interacted with the template system enough to actually know if you can even have so many loadout. I certainly dont plan to fund this meme of a feature just to swap an offhand. So ascended it is.
  15. If you have 2 legendaries weapon that go to main hand or offhand legendaries and 1 ascented do me a favour. Swap the legendary you have equiped with the other legendary and then do the same again with the asc and then come back and tell me why would i ever want to make a legendary weapon over an asc one, esp since im swimming in asc weapons from fractals.
  16. If you want to change say the offhand sword for a focus on a mesmer if its legendary you have to equip it select stats and put in infusions and sigils. I can either do that or i can right click equip asc focus. Yes i could buy a loadout and fix it but im hardly inclined to give anet my money for the mess that is the loadouts, let alone doing so for just one or two weapon swaps.
  17. It wont matter that you can do it any time you want if most ppl will rather choose the easier and always guarantee public mode.
  18. This is also a good alternative, aking it an event would naturally funnel ppl in.
  19. The private version is harder so it sould require to be more rewarding than the public version, if the public version stays (which it should imo) the the private needs better incentives as to not die.
  20. Agony infusions themselves would still be a currency (agony fragments) used to progress on the new system its just detached from gear. Rn if you take out any piece of legendary gear it spits out your agony infusions and stat infusions, not everyone has full on stat infusions so decoupling agony from gear and stat infusions and turning it into a material or currency u use to upgrade your ar outside of gear would aleviate any and all fiddling of your gear to add and remove agony infusions. Think of it instead of the current system you consume agony infsuins like luck for
  21. Infusions are the last major hurdle in keeping legendary gear from being as convenient to hot swap as asc gear. With the way armory works its clear that the fix to that would be to have legendary infusions, but how would these work? In a seperate thread i discussed completely detaching agony resistance from gear gear freeing infusions in the process from the constant need to have them swap all around the place in order to stay agony recistance capped. That thread goes in detail on what a different system that handles agony resistance could look like so ill spare tou the
  22. The armory is great, the armory is a big step for qol however, the armory also reveals some problems, one of which is the existing infusions. Infusions are very annoying to have to equip on the fly abjustments, esp in fractals because you need the AR. AR as is rn is general is a relic of the past, sure it exists to serve the purpose of a character progression not unlike in vertical prog mmos however it should be account bound or at the very least not tied to gear in my opinion. Instead, i would have AR be a meta progression system that exists within fractals and players
  23. The armory sadly is kitten by the templates because anet decided to be stingy (giving only 2 and char specific) and because they wanted the gear to move in to the armory making on the fly abjustments that dont warrant templates a chore.
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