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  1. I imagine they wouldnt say "hey we are delaying this to avoid some of the heat from February" then proceed to sit an do nothing from february till the next release.
  2. Feb doesnt consist of something and then gw2, its literally stacked with new game releases as well as big updates to many popular titles. As for wow, true but its mot likely thehy will ship their a game update to compete with ff14s first and foremost and whats left to hit other releases, TBC isnt doing so hot and classic fresh is lukewarm at best, i think EOD could compete there.
  3. Before you tear me apart im not saying this exclusively because of the state of what we've seen so far from eod, in an unlucky turn of events Feb specifically and generally early q1 is shaping up to be an incredibly loaded quarter for gaming. To name a few we have Dying light 2 thesequel to the very succesful Dl1 on Feb 4, Horizon Forbiden west on Feb 18, Destiny 2 WhichQueen on Feb 22, Elden Ring on Feb 25 and Saints row on the same date. The first major patch for final fantasy 14 Endwalker which will include story and an ultimate among many other new stuff is slated for late
  4. I compaire vindicator's gs to reapers and its clear how gs in reaper fits perfectly for what that spec is while the gs doesnt really justify itself with vindicator. Maybe it would better if flipping the aliance legend changed the skills abit like gs5 on saint healed or gave barrier to those around you but deals dmg while on the other legend, if gs4 caused a healing explosion while on saint but did dmg on the other legend, that would, at least on a mechanical level reflect the duality of the spec. The jump also feels added just for wow factor and to check a box, nothing much to do w
  5. Have anet used the term variants to describe a weapon set before or they say weapon set?
  6. First of all of anything this is inspired by arpgs. Secondly legendaries could too be swapped to characters yet everyone wanted the armory. Ar could very much benefit by such a qol.
  7. They are really going hard with the tengu on the shing jea footage we have seen so far, i get how to some ppl obsessed with tengu it can feel like salt to injury.
  8. Generally ppl really hate exclusive rewards that are hard for them to get as well as speed running in general it seems even if its just a small part of the whole system, however many rewards they get they will always focus on that 1 harder to get reward and will be against it because the odds are stacked against them supposedly. (Note that groups with very high skill and time already make the most gold from the mode so anyone with lack of either misses out on rewards daily.). World races in wow and other mmos with teams sponsored to partake still had ppl taking time off work to be
  9. I think you have a skewed view of seasonal arpgs, the bulk of the rewards come from milestones that arent speed related theres usually 1 or no reward for the fastest but having at least one creates a drive to make community events around that.
  10. Not rewards, a reward specificly the one reward catered to those ppl the majority of rewards would be catered to just reaching milestones therefore desogned for the majority.
  11. That refers to the manority of hardcore players that would go hard for thenfirst clear which would create a twitch event as well (like world first raid clears). Such dedication isnt indicative of the community as a whole however, 1) thats not the only reward i propose i also propose a general milestone based reward structure and 2) despite not being so dedicated a good part of the community likes to follow and watch such events (this isnt only a gw2 thing, thats a gaming thing in general).
  12. The gizmo for first 100 clear wouldnt be the knly reward but a reward. I was thinking also milestone rewards like the challenges in poe with a final reward for clearing fractal 100. The gizmo for the first team is just there to reward the msot dedicated and skillful and create day one excitement.
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