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  1. Idk i guess im spoiled by other mmos that outline updates and talk about stuff that are further on than the next update building a sense of security and trust in the game.
  2. Ppl want to know theres a strong future and you clearly werent here during the first year of hot if you think ppl werent vocal about the content drought post hot. The game needs to tell its olayers and the outside space that it has its kitten figured out and it has a solid plan for the next 2 if not more years.
  3. Im here for the confused reactions because the concept of longtern faith and security for the players is lost to ppl in the forums. Getting eod is cool, but if following eod theres another 9 months drought and even after that expac 4 isnt confirmed then we are back to square 1 and anet will once again have justified ppl's opinions that they simply dont have their kitten together.
  4. Would be nice if the 2 boon buff wells chrono would run were immediate tho imo would make not feel ss bad when the group needs to reposition.
  5. Not necessarily having every well be a tp, (altho well pf calamity could have that function as well) but more so the nice qol of having the benefits of the the specter well upfront instead w8ing for the duration of the well to expire. This has been a downside to chrono since it came out, w8ing for the final pulse of the wells to get the benefit and therefore being stuck in a small area for a couple seconds. It would be a very nice qol if anet made it so the wells gave their boon benefits immediately so in group play it didnt feel as bad.
  6. That video assumes both the speaker and the listener agree its about pve, i guess that assumption shouldnt be taken for granted
  7. Another thing worth mentioning is that even by gw1 standards canthan's were the most advanced looking human faction out of all the human factions in gw1. You could argue pre seasing ascalon was up there but outaide of overpopulation kaineng even had its own seweage system which afaict wasnt really a thing in la or elona maybe not even ascalon.
  8. Frankly i think the op was ok with asura's depiction of thech because it looks more alien than anything. Canthan's depiction hits abit close to home with rn examples but asura could be aliens we met in the mists and it would be fine.
  9. Canthan magitech feels alot more like they found batteries while afaik asura kostly relied on leylines and their own magic. Actually not sure how much the magic system has been expanded in the guild wars universe. In ff14 its aether that powers anything magic related except for one faction that uses a mineral which very potent magical properties (like canthans with dragon jade). Afaik only canthans in gw2 are really all about that industrial style and i think their aplications of magic aplication reflects this nicely.
  10. Its also worth mentioning they introduced these magitech concepts in eotn and thats its been 250 years since then no?
  11. Idk this mindset imo is bad to have when it comes to lve service games and mmos in specific, considering they always put out new stuff and try different thing. And idk, the asthetic is very much cyberpunk but its also very much the established magitech from 2012 just green.
  12. Idk i think you are over reacting iver one expansion theme that only is really the main attraction in 1 zone. I can understand some mounts and such being immersion breaking but ehh gw2 has always been a mix of tech and fantasy and that mix is retained in eod.
  13. I mean, the tech aspects of the gw2 universe were quite advertised even back in launch marketing. Elona was very down to earth and basic so the contrast is there, plus is just one of the maps so far, nothing says so far that it will all be cyber wars 2 from here on out.
  14. They are confused you have that opinion which they dont agree with and or the comment is off topic to them.
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