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  1. Players who bounced off imo. Sub mmos give you a survey when you unsub, gw2 best alternative would be targetting ppl who dropped the game i feel like, along with a random selection inside the playerbase.
  2. Sure, but there exist always a number of ppl that come here on on reddit or everywhere where one mentions gw1 and 2 to complain about the lack of build diversity and how they could come up with so many diff builds. Truth is someone might mever change their build but build diversity also allows them to make in the first place the build they want. Bit true in this case the devs have tried to make everyone happy and i has clearly backfired. Yes but unless these powerful support builds also bring more dmg than having meta juiced dps builds they arent meta, they are viable by
  3. Then define spare weapons i guess, because ive seen ppl say you wont need to make 2 swords, axes, daggers etc because of the armory and that just doesnt make sense.
  4. Thats not true the benefits of extensive build diversity are felt by everyone who cares about them, hardcore players will gravitate towards the optimal so for them theres no such thing as build diversity. Built diversity practicaly goes against tightly balanced hardcore encounters because theres too many variable for developers to take into acount when making, balancing encounters. Its perception and has very little to do with actual balance and encounter design that keeps players away, hardcore aka meta builds ofter are dps oriented and assume that you go for a speedkill but
  5. Fair but thats not much compaired to gw2, and each expac just changes them up instead of adding more.
  6. Its the age old question of extensive build making vs balanced builds. The more choice you have the less balanced things are but more options you have to come up with what you find fun. Meanwhile the less choices you have the more defined how you should be playing the game/class becomes and balancing gets easier but then you sacrifice build diversity. Both can can very well tip over to the class homogenization space of things (which depending who you ask is either amazing or very bad) but the latter is usually more likely because you dont have an choice in it. Wether on
  7. Where the build making choice in wow? i have 30 slots but i just take every skill thats not choice.
  8. Would actually lile the ability to freely costumise utils, other than the 1 elite rule itd be cool if we could not take a healing skill or have 4 healing skills. (ok maybe nit 4 healing skills but you get the idea.
  9. They tweeted about it. Dont get me wrong anet cant properly market their game to save their lives but you cant do much for 6-7 yo rereleased content.
  10. For armor and sigils it makes sense but i dont think the armory will give you a free legendary weapon. Unless you have 3 of each legendary weapon type i cant see them giving you 2 of a legendary because you can dual wield it. So likely to be fully decked out you will still have to make 2 swords, axes, daggers, (maces?) etc.
  11. Do we know if you wont have to craft 2 of each if you use 2 of each in your build? The drop in value exists for armors mainly because ppl made multiple of the same type to gear multiple alts and the armory is there to open the gear to alts not to multiply it. I very much doubt the armory will give you a free offhand for every 1h you make and if you want to dual wield on multiple characters at the same time you will have to put in 2 of each 1h weapon.
  12. Because the game should have some longevity? Anet added ascended very fast into the mix because exitic wasnt cutting it and making ascended armory would do the exact same thin let alone it would make the legenday armory meaningless.
  13. Games so powercrept since hot launched that you could give us release hot dificulty and ppl would be fine.
  14. they wouldnt before they revealed the expacs contents but at least theyve told us its comming in 2021.
  15. for me q4 feels nice i would even be ok with a Jan release if they have some solid communication and build up to the expac. With Ff14's expac releasing in Nov it might be wise for anet to dodge the bullet there.
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