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  1. Remove this item from the gemstore, its predatory (especially to new players) and its just a kitten addition that just makes the game look worse.
  2. They can still have the trait benefit all condi builds and torch specifically. Just make it so when you crit you proc the zealot's flame effect (the pulsing aoe around you) but without it flipping torch 4, further more make it so picking this trait gives you another charge or zealot's fire.
  3. They nuked all the weapon enhancing traits, just roll the 2 charges baseline and detach the trait from the weapon. There, problem solved.
  4. How you can be saying that with a straight face is honestly beyond me.
  5. Ive done less metas for Archipelago and yet i have twice the map currency i do for Amnytas, you need a serious amout of both if you plan on going for the legendary armor and its rather disheartening how much less amnytas rewards, especially considering ive been skipping half the Archipelago meta while doing the entire Amnytas one.
  6. Between events im noticing that my participation is dropping.
  7. Not gonna comment on the gameplay or difficulty, i have more technical issues with the meta, those being that you cant right click the chests you get every 1 minute and that you drop participation way too fast. What gives with these choices by the devs?
  8. At starting the encounter for the group. Ready check is fine but it can be a while between the first person who presses ready and the last and that can lead to someone being alt tabbed because someone else took 5 minutes to ready up.
  9. Not locking squad functionality behind a gold cost would also be nice. Also, the ability to set a countdown, the ability to use squad functionality in 5 man groups as well.
  10. The expac has been out for a month and every time i visit amnytas and the tower i have to avert my gaze lest my frames drop to unplayability. Seriously as soon as i look towards the maps instead of the edges if the maps my frame nearly halve if not more than halve. This kind of performance is honestly a joke and it boggles my mind we havent seen it addressed. I dont know myself whats wrong and ive heard various claims, such as culling being broken in these maps, but whatever it is it makes the game unplayable.
  11. For some the boss just materializes while others are so long you have to wait 6 or so seconds after the timer has ran out for the boss to be killable. This is especially annoying in t1 rifts were the boss takes a third of the time to kill that it takes for the timer to run out and the animation to play. These animations should happen while the timer is still ticking down not after, rifts are already not that great of an experience and the way you have the animations play out slows it down and makes it less fun.
  12. Rifts need to be disabled on a map of a meta of that map has progressed and is in process.
  13. You generally want to let torch 5 do the whole animation if the enemy is alive because its dmg is back loaded, if the target dies or you need to use a diff skill i believe most skills interrupt it so you dont need to wait for it to end.
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