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Event needs tweaking please for Vanquish Branded Recording for IG-6417 Inquest Backpack collection

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I was trying to do the event for the " Vanquish Branded Recording -Make a recording of you defeating the Branded Champions of the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. This is the meta event in Domain of Vabbi where you need to defeat Ysshi Hessani and Pek Rakt Grag."

1)When I try to do this event the people you need to find aren't marked for the event.2)If someone touches one of them then they run off if others aren't around.3) There is a timer so if 1 Person on map starts it and no one else is around the WHOLE ENTIRE event FAILS and it comes up every 2 hrs roughly I think/

:( My question for anet is can they either mark the people we need to kill for this event so we can find them, OR make it so they don't run off if someone touches them. Or can they have more of a timer. At least maybe give them less health so we actually have a chance to do this event.

I've tried to do this event and I don't think it was intended to be THIS BIG of a mess!

I've asked others how to get it done. They've said it's really hard to pin down a time of when it starts, to actually have a group that can beat it. To not have 1 person wreck the whole event who is a random person on map.

I just want to Finish the Golem backpack collection, but this recording is Thwarting me and failing to be done.

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Unfortunately, none of those issues are bugs. You definitely need quite a few people to successfully complete that entire meta event chain. The part you're talking about is only the first part of the chain, and it's arguably the easiest part to get done. That particular event requires people to spread out and kill as many veteran and/or elite Branded monsters as they can find so that the Branded Forgotten Zealots will begin to spawn. A message appears on the screen when one does spawn, but players still have to find it (and call it out to get people to head over to help). I believe that a marker appears on the map once a Zealot has been found by a player, too. Five different Zealots will spawn and be defeated, which then leads to the next (and probably the most difficult) event that requires quite a few people with a lot of CC skills. If that event fails, then the chain resets, and you'll have to wait for the first events to start again. If it succeeds, then you'll go to the final event (the one that gives you the Recording).

I don't think the reset time is 2 hours, though. I want to say it's closer to 30 minutes to an hour, but I'm not 100% certain.

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With 45 people in the squad split into 5 groups, and 30 mins of explaining the event we failed, apparently 9 people which we asked to carry/use CC (not sure if they understood or did what we asked for) but apparently that wasn't enough, actually the only time I managed to beat that event was a month after the release of PoF with a full map.

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