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suggestion: can we have more cute/cool gathering tools like the lucky dog one

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Never cared about gathering tools before cuz sparks and whatnot don't impress a-me much /shania twain. But then came this lucky dog harvesting tool and I AM IN LOVE... this is the cutest thing in the game ever! This has sparked my obsession to collecting more cute tools!


Also love this sand whtaever mining pick, it goes so well with my necro:r4CJLNf.jpg

Suggestion: Can we have a springer harvesting tool or something... so it goes with my springer mount???

However, anet, please stay away from unicorns rainbows, ponies and flowers... they are so overbearingly feminine, i don't mind feminie stuff, but anet dont seem to realize we're not 3 year old girls (anymore).

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