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  1. I used to play WvW only before there were any expansions, but now I don't wvw anymore since there are more things to do in PVE. WvW has become stale, repetitive and most importantly DEAD at the hours I play (OCX times). If it wasn't DEAD all the time, I would still play WvW mode. Or if they made "Alliance" already, since that would ensure 24/7 population. The 600+ games is referring to PVP mode.
  2. Agreed. Also I don't care about retweets like, "OMG My first time playing GW2"....
  3. Getting all the infusions and make a toon looks like a clown.
  4. VR manufacturers... mainly due to dizziness after extended play. If you can play for longer than 30 minutes...
  5. Greatsword, sword, axe and longbow. Because they are the only ones that have good designs, others are either ugly or too small. 🤮 I do like the legendary 2 warhorn, and the pipe warhorn though.
  6. Considering MOST thigns take more than 30 minutes in GW2 these days... How can we play it in VR, where the maximum time we can play is 30 minutes? 🥴
  7. I 100% SUPPORT medium and light legendary armor revamps. Get rid of the buttcapes and I'm good.
  8. More curly and wavy hairstyles for human male and...: - Fringeless pony tail - Fringeless man bun Can anet also give male toons a BIGGER forehead... not Rihanna big, but big and not narrow... maybe it doesn't bother other ppl. but it bothers me a lot that all the male toons have narrow forehead.
  9. Premium subscription should be like this, spend $10 for membership, get $7 worth of gems + in game perks like infusions that are only use-able if you're a premium member and more, like unlimited teleport to friends. I mean, there are so many ways to make money off of players without feeling like they're getting ripped off, or somehow have advantage over other players. And premium membership should be entirely optional. Like non premium members get everything that premium members get, except for the cosmetics. .
  10. - All Chests should be autoloot, the silver chests rewards for AB and TD metas should be 1-click - Need outfits for male that give him more butt, tired of the flat butt male toon outfits... - Does anyone read this thread? .
  11. I agree with 2nd paragraph. It's pretty easy for me to catch up. I went on hiatus for a year after the 2 Bjora maps. And still caught up pretty easily to 366 max mastery points.
  12. If I had a job and a boyfriend, I wouldn't play GW2, that's for sure.
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