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Ai blocking


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Yes this is yet another mesmer thread!

Lets just put the vast arsenal of overtuned abilitys mesmers have aside for a moment, and lets discuss the wall of body blockers provided by clones and phantasms. (One must always remember to name both, otherwise the tread will turn into a cryfiesta)

If you for example run ranger lb w/o MM piercing i find it hard to understand how anyone ever lands anything between the evades and blocks. You time your single target cc in between all mentioned above chains only to end up having a random summoned clone eating it. That's really frustrating.

Now this is something available to minion master necro too and ranger to a much lesser extent. But they are nowhere as strong as mesmer currently is.

Having a class loaded with everything might be fun for the one abusing it. Not so fun for everyone else. And mesmer mains, im sure you've all played your alt vs a mesmer only to realize how overtuned they currently really are. I think we're all fed up with the current balance and the "nerf mesmer" posts on this very forum.

Im not going to name what should be nerfed and what shouldnt. Im not an expert on mesmers and there are plenty of competent mains on these forums posting great suggestions. Im just sick of how unbalanced this game has been for so long now, going from one overlord to another. This game has the best combat i've ever played in a MMO. Shame it fails so hard to atleast have any kind of semi balance.

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@MikeL.8260 said:

@"AngelLovesFredrik.6741" said:

@MikeL.8260 said:In my opinion all that needs to be done (and probably will eventually) is limit the number of active Phantasms to 3 and make Phantasmal Disenchaner's attack blockable.

That is nowhere near enough.

Ok, lets completely delete the class then.

While I wouldn't be against that. The issue lies in Signet of the Ether and Chronophantasma. That and blanket nerfing damage output of Disenchanter and Defender, maybe even Avenger would be a great place to start.

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