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[pve-raid] it's clear we are not in the meta and we are barely acceptable in pug groups. The class as of now is totally unpopular.Even if you tell someone you are good, they are just going to throw on you face some random benchmark number to tell your class suks.

That being said, I think it's clear we are going to have some kind of buff, because I'm sure we touched the bottom and we can only improve from here.

Now I'm not an expert in terms of patch times and devs statements but... Is there a balance patch under construction?Is there a chance for this patch to come along with the next chapter of the living story?

Just to know, because in the case we are staying like this till the next expansion I'm gonna park my Rev and move all the gear on something else

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Balance patches usually arrive after the end of a PvP season and the start of the next (with some exceptions) so we roughly get ~5 balance patches/year. But most of them are oriented towards PvP/WvW or do split changes for those game modes, so this doesn't mean that after the current PvP season significative PvE changes will be made.

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