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[Personal Area] Garden plot Deed


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  • ArenaNet Staff

This thread has gotten a little rancorous and I think it's time to close it. I've forwarded a concern about the wording to the team, and I suggested a possible messaging improvement that I believe would provide additional clarity. If there's anything to update about this, I'll try to remember to post again to let you know.

In the meantime, we'd greatly appreciate if a conversation can start from a place of a question, a suggestion, or a personal opinion, and not from a place of accusation or suggestions of wrong-doing. It's not appropriate to take a leap from "This could be improved" to "this must have been done with evil intentions" and one's post on a discussion forum should be presented from a constructive, not assume-the-worse, point of view.

We'd also appreciate if, when someone joins the thread, they show others the courtesy of reading their comments before replying, and of adopting a friendly, or at least neutral, tone.

Both of the above suggestions are made to better foster a conversation and a discussion and not have everything devolve into a debate, argument, or verbal assault.

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