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Error popping up oftenly that prevents gw2 to run

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This is completely broken. I experience this some time but this time it is the worst. I dont understand why is this happening. I even deserted to my pvp matches and my teammates blamed me for a waste of time. And what do i get? a penalty from the system itself. This is really frustrating. I dont know if others experience this. Some resolution here ANet?

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You'll have to provide some more information. First, your image needs to be on the web (not the desktop). Imgur.com allows you to upload without a logon ID. Second, under what circumstances does it happen? Only when your game crashes and you're trying to get back in? (Otherwise: how did you get in a PvP match without being able to run GW2?) How long does it last? Are there any other symptoms?

While you try to troubleshoot here, also open a support ticket: ANet cant help you directly without one and it takes only a minute or three to fill out the forms.

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