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The 32-slot Marshal's Saddlebag and salvaging

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I have an accountbound 32-slot marshal bag for my gear. It is a great bag. Took me ages. :)However, I can no longer right-click on my salvage-o-matic to salvage gear in the bag. Why not? I understand that contents of the bag won't be on display for vendors, but this isn't a vendor, it is a salvage-kit.

So the tooltip for the bag says"32 slots. Weapons and armor will fill this box before other empty spaces. The contents of this box will not move when inventory is sorted. Items in this box will never appear in a sell-to-vendor list. "And that's just fine. But I had no idea that the "will never appear in a sell-to-vendor list. " included "Deposit material" and the salvage-o-matic for instance.Could the tooltip be clarified for this? Especially since the bag looks as if it is an equipment-bag, but is in reality a equipment/invisible-bag.

Thank you.

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24, 28, and 30 slot Marshal's Saddlebags are crafted from a 20-slot equipment pact box, which has invisible bag status. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/20-Slot_Equipment_Pact_BoxI'm pretty sure these bags are working as intended.

For a 32-slot weapon/armor equipment bag, you should have crafted a Nomad's Locker instead. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/32-Slot_Nomad%27s_LockerItems won't move from it if you click the gear icon to have your inventory automatically sorted, but it doesn't have invisible bag status.

Any bag that says items in it won't show up in a vendor sell window is considered an invisible bag, and items in such bags won't show up in the salvage all window when using a salvage kit either. You can double-click your salvage kit and salvage items in the bag, 1 by 1, or move the items to a non-invisble bag to use the salvage-all option.

This is why we have options. The bag you crafted is meant for players who don't want to accidentally sell or salvage weapons and armor.

I understand your frustration, and you don't want to hear this, but........you crafted the wrong bag. Sorry.

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@"Illconceived Was Na.9781" said:I'm not against them changing the description; neither do I think it's a bug — the description is all-but identical to that of other "invisible" bags:


I don't think it is a bug, rather an inaccuracy. While the text for the Invisible pack is right, the fact that the Marshal Saddlebag combines the two makes it far too easy to get confused. That's what happened to me; I made a bag that didn't act the way I wanted it to, because the description was, at a glance, unclear. I was just hoping for some sort of clarification to be added to the tooltip, that's all.I am off making my new 32-slot bag, which is just the Nomad Equipment one. I just have to gather some mats first. :)

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