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dll Injection rules


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So i am not sure where the best place to ask this is but i wanted to look into making something like arcdps but i never did anything with dll injection or what ever its called and before i tinker with that stuff i want to figure out what i am allowed to do so i don't get banned. Since arcdps is allowed and as far as i am aware they inject a dll. So if a Dev preferably could help me and tell me what i am allowed to do or not do would be really nice.

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@"Chris Cleary.8017" seems to be the one who deals with third-party add-ons that interact with the game client. It seems like things are on a case-by-case basis (depends on what you are trying to do -- ex: for the purposes of damage calculations, arcdps may know something about gear, but it never reveals that information to the player so it can't be used for gear checking). Best bet is probably messaging him here or reddit with what you want to do -- though a sort of "in-general, these types of things would be allowed without any special discussion" post would be a nice to see.

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Here's some relevant quotes that might be helpful in deciding:

Official Position ArcDPS: DPS Measuring

@"Chris Cleary.8017" wrote in October 2017

The current implementation of DPS meters is nothing more than a re-presentation of information already being transmitted by the game server to all clients in the reporting radius. Combat data does not have player ownership as it is being generated by the game server and then transmitted in order to update the status of the world state.

Essentially since the server is running a calculation/simulation based on actions by all the clients in the area, it owns the subsequent reporting of all calculations.

This is different for situations like chat, where there is no impact or simulation necessary and essentially is a forwarding service that the server is simply handling the reporting of the client action.


In Feb 2017, @"Chris Cleary.8017" wrote on Reddit:We have no problems with players using a 3rd party tool whose scope is only to collect and visualize combat data gathered directly from the game client. Anything beyond that scope is still considered a violation of the User Agreement.

So, does that mean memory reading DPS readers are OK as long as they are only parsing combat data?You are correct. Combat data is defined as any information that is created due to the usage of skills or impact on players due to skill usage (by the player/s or an outside source).

Edit/Update: These statements are particularly targeted at a "DPS Meter" or functionality built around the capture of combat data. Features outside of that most likely fall under "Quality of Life" changes and should be removed from DPS meters if they want to be considered compliant with our rules.

and again

In April 2017, Chris Cleary wrote on Reddit:ArenaNet authorizes the use and development of 3rd Party tools under the banner of a "DPS Meter". "DPS Meters" is defined as the collection and processing of combat related data in order to develop a statistical and visual representation of that data. This combat data maybe collected from anyone inside of your immediate social group. Social groups are defined as including the player character, and current party and/or squad.

Combat data does not include current entity status, including current Buffs/Debuffs/Health/Stats/Location or any other data that is not generated due to the usage of skills or impact on player characters due to skill usage (by the PC/s or an outside source).

The collection and processing of data in the client must be limited to the scope of the "DPS meter" and should not exceed it. Visualization of this data must also limited to the scope of the "DPS Meter" which includes visualizations, logging, and processing/visualization of logging.

ArcDPS Official Statements: Build Template/Loadout Features

, ArcDPS developer
wrote:I now have the all clear for build templates. arcdps serves as the framework for the time being
About 2-3 months ago I asked /u/deltaconnected to take down his previously created Build Templates addon to ArcDPS. At the time it was in violation of our rules to distribute it and it had key issues with it when it came to functionality and interaction with the game client.

This release is the result of a multi-month coordination to get his Build Templates addon into a place where I can green-light it for release. Unlike DPS meters, Build Templates is a much more passive user interface addon and thus it could be individually allowed to release outside of the DPS meter Terms of Service rules restriction. If future developers are interested in working with me to create addons, please reach out to me and we can chat.

I'm green-lighting this due to the developer's trustworthiness after months of interaction and willingness to add key restrictions and functionality changes to accommodate my push to keep addons away from becoming a "must have to win" situation (WvW restrictions were not outlined in his post, but they are there along with others).

In their current state, /u/DeltaConnected's Build templates are green-lit and safe to use by users (in terms of violating the Terms of Service). I've asked him to run any functionality changes by me before releasing, so hopefully we don't need to worry about things changing in the future in terms of "safe to use".

This is officially unsupported, and ArenaNet will not be able to offer any support for this addon or issues that occur due to use of this addon.

Further reading:

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