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Underwaterbalance update misses something important!

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On all the discussions about underwatercombat and as a big friend of the underwaterfight in Guild Wars 2 there was allways one big issue with the underwater combat in general and that was the lack of compatiblety with the traits for land combat.

This update missed again the opportunity to implement an automated change for traits while entering underwater areas like it is with the skills.

This would be a major change to make underwatercombat much more attractive for everyone as they do not have to change there traits for underwaterfights manually to fit the skillset there.

Underwaterskillchanges are also often lack previous mechanics, for example engineers netshot and scattermines are no longer manually activateable so if you do not hit the enemy the skill will not activate at all, hitting therefore is way harder than before which leads to a big nerf for those skills. Not reimplementing the medkit for underwateruse is also a big shame considdering the good changes of the kit in total.

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