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Small(?) QoL suggestions


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A while back you asked for suggestions for WvW quality of life. I've come up with a couple more that are somewhat related to WvW :) I didn't go back through that older thread, so I don't know if any of these are repeats. Apologies if they are.

(Of course, the importance of these fall way, way below the need for class balance, population balance and some of the other previous suggestions. In terms of this list, the number of *'s indicate relative importance in to my mind.)

  • R-click on guild siege, have an option to add to guild storage. Helpful for multiple commanders, you can take out then can re-add after you're done with the raid. (*)
  • If we wanted to take the above further, it would be nice to be able to store all levels of siege (reg, sup, guild) in guild storage. Much more convenient for guildies to donate. They don't have to go to the guild bank, or send to me though mail. (*)
  • I think(?) the permission to use guild siege is all lumped under "Use placeables" permissions in the guild bank. There needs to be a separate permission for use of siege from guild storage. I want members to be able to level their scribe (for which they need use placeables), but I need to restrict access to the guild siege (it can represent a hefty amount of gold). Could take the permissions even further and split a lot more out... but the most important is the siege. (***)
  • In the guild panel history, we should have a log for "storage" and the use there-of. (this is most important for those items that are 1-time use, like siege, banners, etc) (**)
  • Processing time for items made through scribing... when I craft siege... I craft a lot. Then to feed the siege through the processing line, it's brutal, each item takes 30s. Please see if there is something that can be done. i.e. reduce the processing time and keep them as manual feed, or make the items auto-feed through the processing line and keep the 30s, or ditch the processing line altogether. (***)
  • The reward track boxes where you can select a recipe, or something. Ok, this was very nice at the beginning... a way to get recipes... now that I have them all, it's just annoying :) Any way that you can think of to have the best of both worlds?!? (*)


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