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Contact e-mail adress to support in the User Agreement isn't working

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Thank you for taking the time to answer RoseofGilead :) However I am not asking about how to send a ticket, but indeed for an e-mail address given in the UA that therefor should normally be working, which is not the case.

If anybody knows about it (player or Anet staff member), I'd be thankful for an answer!

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I understand what you mean about the email being in the User Agreement. But creating a support ticket is the only way to contact support. I imagine the email listed in the User Agreement is just there because it HAS to be there for legal reasons, even though support tickets are actually how support is contacted. Edit: Or just read what the amazing Gaile said below, since she actually knows what's up. :p

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  • ArenaNet Staff

I think I can explain what happens in these cases. The system that receives the e-mail is set up to recognize whether or not we have info in certain fields. When the system detects that those fields are not filled out, it then suggests that the user submit a ticket that will ask for the needed information and expedite the answer. So if someone e-mails the address -- Support@GuildWars2.com -- they should get that auto response so that the maximum available information is provided in a ticket and so that they know the ticket/e-mail was received in the first place. If someone writes the e-mail address and do not get the auto response, then they need to check all their folders -- Deleted, Spam, etc. -- to find it.

Here's a detailed bit of info for you: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/343/account-support-helping-us-help-you

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