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Daredevil Staff Master Trait QoL Request/Suggestion for PVE


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Is it possible to have the 10% dmg modifier linger for 3-4s after capping endurance? DDs already dodge for dmg with the grandmaster Bounding Dodger, but sometimes you are required to needlessly dodge just to proc the staff master effect. Also there are some weird interaction from otherwise benefitial effects and actions from party members, like:

  • Warriors using their healing skill during opening burst/boon removal.
  • Other thieves cleansing conditions with a signet.
  • Vigor becomes a boon with a drawback on its own.
  • Wanting to combo with your steal for more dmg or cc (depending on build)
  • Fractal mobility potion can lead to a dps loss for thieves (omnipotion by extention). I believe thieves are the only class that can receive a negative effect from the fractal potions, since the warrior trait got changed, I'm not sure so please correct me if I am wrong here.

Dodging to get the dmg modifiers and having to dodge right after for a mechanic is fine > you did not anticipate an attack so you have double up or take the hit, but having to dodge again due to something someone else did while trying to help or having to do double or triple dodges just to empty endurance before a fight even starts feels awkward and adds needless endurance management in my opinion.

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