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[Suggestion] Improve/fix underwhelming cosmetic infusions/legendary weapons

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A few legendaries and infusions have been lagging behind their similarly-priced counterparts for a while now. Not expecting to really get any attention from the dev team, but it would be nice to at least get some of these potential improvements out there.

Kraitkin. With the underwater update, this would be the perfect time to restore Kraitkin's day/night cycle. This cycle was one of the only things unique about Kraitkin's identity, but it has been gone from the game for over 3 years. Over this time, almost every other legendary weapon has received updates, but Kraitkin has been left behind. Another thing to bring Kraitkin on par with other legendaries would be to add unique projectiles, as almost every other legendary does. It makes sense thematically and design-wise for Kraitkin to fire eel projectiles.

The Minstrel. This is simple. The other legendary focus, The Binding of Ipos, has unique projectile effects upon use of Guardian or Necro 4 skill. The Minstrel still uses the default projectiles. It needs to have a projectile effect. A simple floating pink bar of music should do the trick to match its arm effect that was added in an update a while back.

Claw of the Khan-Ur. Plain and simple, this dagger needs a swing effect. I honestly love this dagger, it has a very low key model as well as soft, muted aura effects; however, it also has default skill trails making it extremely underwhelming.

HMS Divinity. The reload animation in which the ship's wheel turns has been absent and bugged for a while. This should be re-added to the game.

Two more legendaries I personally am on the fence about whether they need to be improved or not:

Howler. This is a more difficult one, with it being one of the more muted legendaries overall in addition to being one that you rarely see used. It's more difficult to come up with an update for since there is only one projectile skill on warhorns (tempest's Lightning Orb). I suspect that Howler may be updated when the new legendary warhorn is released similar to Bolt and Juggernaut being updated upon release of Shining Blade and Sharur.

Sharur. The least popular legendary in the game (under 400 registered on gw2efficiency) even with the release of the (itself unpopular) Claw of the Khan-Ur. It is unpopular to the point of there being 83 times as many Twilights as there are Sharurs. I personally like it just the way it is, but a lot of people have suggested adding a sort of Orrian swing effect to make it a little more enticing to craft.

As for the infusions:

Liquid Aurillium. Is far behind its counterparts Queen Bee and Chak Egg Sac due to having a more muted particle effect than the other two as well as having no trail. This infusion should have a trail. In my opinion, the trail should be either a green and gold trail that looks like the Exalted's bodies, or a pure gold trail with more Aurillium particles (this one would be more likely). In addition, one often needs to stack 2 or more of these to be visible at all to other players. Perhaps the original effect should be amplified slightly.

Queen Bee. The cosmetics are great and need no help. But PLEASE give us the option to mute this in the "Players' Unique Item Sounds." I have had this infusion many times and have sold it shortly thereafter due to the headache it gives me. In addition, there's no way to mute the other people who choose to stand next to you while having multiple of this infusion stacked. It would work well if the option to mute this would be added to "Mute Other Players' Unique Item Sounds." As it stands now, to mute Queen Bee you need to mute all other effects in the game, which means you can't hear skill effects that enemies may be using in the area.

Celestial Infusions (both). This has been discussed many times in the past, but these infusions need to be higher resolution. The mesh is clearly in the game with mounts like Starbound/Stardrift as well as Astralaria and the legendary greatswords. The infusion currently looks pitiful in comparison.

Infusion culling. Primarily occurs in WvW. Many people report that they are unable to see Aurillium and Bauble Infusions on characters other than their own; however, they can still see stuff like Chak, Queen Bee, Phospholuminescent, etc, regardless of character. Essentially, the muted infusions are culled out of the game, but the giant, in your face green glow that lowers fps is never removed.

Feel free to discuss. I am certain many of you have differing opinions than I do. I mainly tried to focus on what would be reasonable to bring these legendaries/infusions up to the same level as their higher-regarded counterparts.

edit: Forgot HMS bug, added.

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