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Black Lion Trading Company Non-Responsive For Me

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So at first I thought it was lag and just taking awhile to do things, but ... that's not the case. =/ Any and all attempts to search for anything in the Buy Items section results in nothing happening and trying to open the drop down menus to manually look for/purchase items behaves as though I haven't even clicked them. Selling Items, for some reason, still works like normal. Anyone else having this issue?

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Happens to me every day around 11pm GMT, sorts itself out around 1am.GMT.

Give or take but this is the worst time for me. It often becomes completely unusable to buy or search..and actually produces an annoying repeating "ok"/unresponsive box. That I have to click like 5/6 times before I can close the bltc. If I don't close the bltc, it just continues to repeat that click box.

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