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The Garbage Man - A PvP and Roaming Build


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This build will be for sPVP and WvW Roaming only.

The Build:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFAUlUUhSuYjXw+KQ+FLbG14E0dBQ4ylLPH9Yf2rNA-jJRSABGfBAatMA3PAAA2fAA

How To Play:

  • This build revolves around 1) Tossing your target like a rag doll until they're dead and 2) Vulnerability stacking for target calling and damage output
  • Your bread and butter rotation will be Throw Wrench (Static discharge) + Launch Personal Battering Ram (Static Discharge) + Blunderbuss + Overcharged Shot + Magnet + Pry Bar + Personal Battering Ram + Jump Shot + Blunderbuss
  • The combination of Throw Wrench and Launch Personal Battering Ram, with the Lock On and Expert Examination traits will put 19 stacks of vulnerability on the target very quickly and very early. The rest of the chain, and allies, have a nice increase to damage and the Overcharged Shot --> Magnet --> Battering Ram combo usually keeps people locked down to take it
  • Use Toss Elixir X on capture points, on builds with a lot of block, or on targets that just won't die. It does act as a projectile, so be careful when you use it that you don't waste it.
  • You have 6 opportunities to interrupt (not counting anything in Elixir X).
  • Use Elixir S and Gear Shield to avoid bursts
  • Use Toss Elixir S to 1) Stealth you and your teammates or 2) Shake unwanted attention
  • Use the Function Gyro as often as possible to stomp or help rez. You and your teammates will get 2668 barrier each time.
  • The additional barriers from Recovery Matrix and Adaptive Armor will make you pretty hard to kill and they happen passively.
  • Medical Dispersion Field with Healing Turret adds some nice group support, although that's not the focus here


  • You don't have a lot of condi cleanse, but you do take 20% less damage from conditions when you have barrier...which is often.
  • You don't have a ton of burst here to do 10k+ damage in a single attack. See Variants below if you want more damage.
  • Not a lot of boon application. I run Rune of Pack to get some boons and Sigil of Absorption to steal boons on interrupt, which you do a lot of.


  • If you want more burst you can substitute the Marauders Amulet for Zerkers, swap Elixir S for Elixir U, and/or trade out the entire Inventions Line for Firearms. Depends on how you like
  • If you're strictly playing Core Engineer, swap Scrapper for Alchemy and consider changing Rune of the Pack to Rune of Hoelbrak

All together, this build will be VERY reminiscent of old Static Discharge and Celestial Engineers from pre HoT. It's the most fun I've had in a little while and while it may not be a meta build it has been very effective 1v1 for me. Your reality may differ.

Try it out. Have a great time.

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