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Can we please have armor skins rather than outfits

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Id rather have one set of new black lion armor skins than have three new outfits added to the game.I think it would be really cool, and that it is also logical to have matching armor skins for every new set of weapon skins added to the game. Imagine how cool chaos armor skins or fused armor skins would be.I wouldnt even mind if they would be distributed using black lion chests the same way weapons skins are as long as they get in the game (although I would prefer that they be made available through actual gameplay or collections). Im sure it would create enough gem purchases to make the effort worth it. With the amount of demand cool armor skins would have it would also increase the value of gold. People would also be able to make really cool characters by mixing new skins, and this would keep the game fresh for older players.Also when I say armor skins I dont mean individual armor pieces like helmets or gauntlets, I mean entire armor sets, chest and legs included.

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