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Another Change to Core Rev - [Suggestion]


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Why Change Things ?

Since the rework of our Off-Hand Sword, we are now the Only Profession without a Core (so without Specialization) Defensive/Support Off-Hand Weapon.Being the case, some legends do not work well without Glint, which provides that needed Defensive Off-Hand Weapon.This breaks cohesion in the Class for some Legends.

One Example is Ventari's Philosophy of Peace, which doesn't quite work when the only Defensive Weapon for that is Staff, which means there is no useful alternative on the Weapon Switch , since all others are Offensive ones.

Another Example would be Mallyx, which play style functions mainly with Condi' Mace, but needs some defensive Skills to work well in a PvP environment, and as you know, the only defense outside of our Elite Glint Spec' is again Staff, this is quite a problem, since that weapon has no conditions on it, meaning that it has no cohesion with Mallyx's Play-Style.

These are only 2 examples, but these problems will persist for as long as our Only Defensive Off-Hand Weapon is tied to an Elite Specialization Line.

So my suggestion for solving this issue, is adding a Focus as Off-Hand Defensive Weapon for the Core Revenant, since would be simple yet effective.Additionally, this change would not really impact the Offensive Revenants builds, since these really need to play with offensive Off-Hand Weapons.

The Skills - Focus Off-Hand Weapon:

Focus Skill 4 [Refreshing Gust] (Cost 10 Energy / Cd 12s)Clear 2 Conditions on you and your Allies [Radius 240] [Number of Targets: 5].Inflict Chill on your Foes [2s] [Radius 240] [Number of Targets: 5] [Combo Finisher: Blast].

Focus Skill 5 [Cold Presence] (Cost 10 Energy / Cd 20s)Bloc Incoming Attacks [2s] [Mobile Bloc] (Similar to our old Sword 4), after that gain Frost Aura [3s].

Now the question is, Why did I choose Frost Aura and Chill ? It is because these 2 have a Perfect Synergy with our 4 Core Legends:

[Jallis:] -10% Damage with Frost Aura, which is a trait of a "Tanky" Character.[Mallyx:] Abyssal Chill.[Ventari:] His "Philosophy of Peace", which prevents your Foes from fighting (Chill) also he is a Centaur which can outrun Humans [Joke].[shiro:] Makes it so that it becomes easier to chase enemies as well as kiting them.

Edit: I hope this wall of text does not scare you too much. ;)

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@"Ealandur.1876" said:Since the rework of our Off-Hand Sword, we are now the Only Profession without a Core (so without Specialization) Defensive/Support Off-Hand Weapon.

I agree that there is no Core offhand defensive weapon but there are 2 points which could partly answer why.1 - Staff is the (most) defensive weapon as far as I know (core).2 - Revenant is an odd-one-out profession since there was no period of time where it was purely "Core" - Herald elite spec has been available since day one for this class.

I agree that this puts different limits on Rev since shield is the best defensive wep but is also tied into Herald so can never be used in a build with any other elite spec (or without Herald line).

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Something like this would be very nice. I think chill in general is fitting for the revenant, and it would be so nice to have access to a more defensive offhand, especially as a core rev.

On this topic, shield needs some serious love. Aside from the obvious #5 skill needing movement enabled (even at the cost of healing), I have a huge issue with the #4 skill. It is so incredibly unreliable when trying to use on allies, it frustrates me so much. My suggestion for this would be to make it a large cone like mesmer's torch 5 phantasm, having the heal and protection proc together. Maybe tack on a blind too.

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