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Disconnected from game with no error message, but still able to move my character around?

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Redownloaded GW2 a few months back and began intermittently getting this issue. It's escalated the past few weeks, and depending on the day I get disconnected a few times every 30 minutes.

The weird thing is my character is still moveable, but my weapon skills do not execute and the buttons keep flashing and clicking themselves. I can't interact with anything (talking to an NPC, reviving a character, or attacking) but am free to run around. My party mates see me as either offline when I'm running around in this state, or if I have closed and restarted the game sometimes they still see me online the entire time. This usually happens when I'm in the middle of a fight, and sometimes I can fully exit the game without getting killed. If I hang around long enough in this weird limbo state (5~10 mins) I'll get the disconnect error message and get kicked.

Anyone else also have this issue or know a way I can fix it? I've updated my computer a few times already, and I don't think it's my internet or router because my sibling doesn't have this issue.

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