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New Elite Specs Ideas


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So, I've been toying with ideas for new elite specs for the upcoming expansion (whatever that may be), and I floated a few of these in map chat in a few areas (Lion's Arch and Rata Sum, mostly). Now, I am more than open to ideas, concerns, criticisms, and I don't have set ideas for every class, but so far i have these ideas (the works are WIP, am also open to ideas on them). This is my first post, so please bear with me =]

Now, these are my ideas so far

Revenant = Einherjar: Gain access to Greatswords and the Legendary Valkyrie/Shieldmaiden Stance, channeling the power of the legendary Norn warrior, Jora.

Greatsword skills:1 = Mist Carve: deal damage, inflict vulnerability (chain)-> Mist Rend: deal damage & inflict bleed--> Mist Cleave: deal damage, deal more if you hit additional targets. Gain might per enemy struck.

2 = Arcing Slash: enhance your Greatsword with power from the Mists, and unleash it in a wide arc that deals heavy damage and launches.

3 = Echoing Charge: Launch an Echo of yourself that pierces through your enemies, dealing damage and applying torment. After 2 seconds, teleport to your echo and unleash an explosion that deals additional damage to enemies.

4 = Blade Geyser: Stab your Greatsword into the ground, creating an upheaval of giant mist blades all around you that damage and knockdown enemies.

5 = Dimensional Rift: slash a large Rift to the Mists open in front of you, damaging and pulling in enemies closer. After 5 seconds, the Rift collapses, dealing large damage and stunning enemies. (chain)-> Collapse Rift: collapse the Rift early.

Engineer = Mechanist: Now this one was tricky, but I finally decided on Scepters and access to new Mech pet skills.

now, each Mech comes with a unique Tool Belt skill, referred to as an "RC" (remote control) ability. This "RC" ability will not replace the entire tool belt, but will be connected to having the Mech skill equipped/active. These "RC" abilities also will allow you to control all of your mechs in different ways, so the more mechs you have equipped the more control you can exert over them. The RC abilities i have so far are as follows:

Healer Mech = Code Red: order your Mechs to revive the nearest downed allies. They will split up if there are multiple targets.

Assault Mech = Focus Fire: Order all Mechs to assault your target.

Bunker Mech = Phalanx Protocal: Order all Mechs to come to your position and assist you.

CC Mech = Stampede: Order your Mechs to charge to the area and smash into enemies, inflicting a control based on the Mech (example: one inflicts Chill, another Launches, another Cripples, another Knocks Down, and the last Stuns)

Tanker Mech = Redirect Threat: Order your Tanker Mech to Taunt the target, and cause all other Mech's attacks to redirect threat towards the Tanker Mech.

Thief = Swashbuckler: Gain access to shields and a set of defensive Stance skills focused on counterattacks.specifically, the shield you get would be a buckler-type deal, being considerably smaller than other shields. It also would unlock new Dual Wield attacks.

Necromancer = Soulbinder: Gain access to Off-hand axes and Glyphs, and a new profession mechanic: Soul Conduit, which enhances your weapon attacks and causes them to consume life force instead of incurring a cooldown (this replaces death shroud, and yes, it IS similar to initiative for thief).

I'm still working on some of the others, but please tell me what you think of these concepts and ideas so far =]

I will stress that I am looking for actual, constructive feedback, and not trolls or insults or anything like "Pfft, we don't need any of this" or "You're ideas are bad and you should feel bad". If you have an issue with any of these ideas, that's fine, but please phrase it as constructive criticism, rather then just saying "No, that's stupid" without giving a reason. I, in turn, will do my best to be mature and cordial in my responses to said criticisms. Again, I'm looking for constructive feedback. Thank you =]

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Frankly, I think you should've spent more time on each one, fleshed them out better and made separate threads for each one.It's hard to give any sort of feedback just based on a few GS skills without knowing how the Legendary Stance, or the traits, supports the weapon choice or what role the spec is supposed to fill. Despite that, I can already tell that you are going too heavily into CC. As a general rule you could say that a weapon can have 2 CC's tops with 1 of them being rather weak and situational, but with other benefits. And launch, knockdown and stun are not weak CC's, whatever their duration. Also CC is not a role revenant needs, Herald/Assassin+Staff is already the heaviest CC spec in the game. It also seems that you are confused on whether you want this to be a condi spec or a power spec.

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