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  1. I've been away from the game for about 8 months now, don't even have it installed currently. Anyway, I've been considering coming back to the game with the PvE side getting more interesting as there's a new expansion on the horizon? That tells me the game still has a future to be worth investing in. However, PvE doesn't satisfy me in this game for long, PvP has been the content that keeps me in the game long term and what I enjoy the most. I understand there's been some huge PvP balance rehaul since then and I'd like to know how that's affected PvP. Is the balance better now?
  2. Spear Barrage of Justice: Barrage the target area with a hail of Spears of Justice that pull foes up to the sky. Distance 1200. Range 1200.Spear of Justice + Barrage.
  3. Let's just all go play GW1, eh? Clearly the superior game. :love:
  4. Well to be fair, this is a you issue. Not a game issue. You don't have to tab out.
  5. On that same line of thought, maybe we should remove cooldowns on weapon skills for the other classes.But once you use it, it's done. You don't get it back. Enjoy spamming autos for the rest of the match. <3
  6. Use this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAw2NlVwAZeMHWJO2X5tcA-zRIYRExfGtJEqQEo4ZR/XL-e Food and utility don't actually matter so use whatever you like if anything. You can use GS instead of either weapon set as well, though I would recommend this setup. Going double-melee is very advantageous in some situations but if you run into an unexpected situation where you need range, it sucks to be without it. As a Guardian you will want to blow up your opponent before they get a chance to retaliate. What helps is having a burst weapon, and Sword is that type. GS is as well but less so. Longbow is g
  7. Historically speaking, a full suit of plate armor weighs about 40-50 kg. Maybe it could be 60 if you incorporated a renaissance era breastplate and helmet which are reinforced against firearms, but 60 kg does seem kinda on the high end as far as weight goes. While that may still seem like a lot, you've gotta remember that a well-fitted suit of full plate armor distributes its weight evenly on your entire body. Modern soldiers carry over 40 kg of gear just on their torso/back so they do in fact do a lot more work than a medieval knight or noble would. The ceramic plates they have on their comba
  8. This is a nerf, not a buff. The old version of the skill was pathetic.I wouldn't mind getting the Blind back but into the current skill even if that would include nerfing the damage on it.Changing it like this would hit PvE pretty hard as well. FTFY. It really doesn't need anything else. Master of Consecrations would make this a pretty good skill.If there's a heal on Guardian that needs fixing, it's Signet of Resolve. The passive is useless. I agree with removing the Protection but not the rest of it. Focus is not exactly a defensive weapon nor should it be. I'd rather the trait gained you 2
  9. A Mystic Salvage Kit would be my choice as it's more economic. It's identical to a Master's Kit but has 250 charges instead of 25.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mystic_Salvage_Kit
  10. I'd love a Super Adventure Box version of HotM one day.
  11. I think the point would mostly be to eliminate Quickness from classes that aren't designed to play with it. Quickness kinda breaks class design when it's implemented in a sigil/rune. It's fine for PvE but it brings out unwanted interactions in the PvP modes.
  12. How about getting rid of the Quickness completely? Just having the Swiftness on it, I could see this going to 9 seconds.
  13. Don't you think that if it was actually broken, some other people besides yourself would agree? Maybe it's just your perspective that's wrong.
  14. I have so many questions...Why are you like wood?What's "vertigo" in this context?You should die instantly after you get Dazed 4 times in a row?Do you instead mean to suggest that CC, like Stun and Daze, should have diminishing returns?Are you from the future?
  15. They should make an event yes but they can't actually get completely rid of it EVER. It's one of the things that makes this game stand out from competition, and makes GW2 Guild Wars 2. Obviously it's just one thing but once you open Pandora's box, you can't close it. Next we have people demanding that weapon skills get untied from their corresponding weapons. At that point it's just anarchy, and a good example of why devs shouldn't listen to all player feedback. Players have a habit of criticizing everything and if the devs don't have a mind and direction of their own their game quickly loses
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